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Captain Marketing PPC: A Commitment to Quality

Captain Marketing combines rigorous data analysis, testing, and research with expert and continuous optimization of our PPC campaigns. In a marketplace that’s constantly changing, we’ll leave no stone unturned in our quest for your success.

Creating Goals, Establishing Strategy

Identifying the key short and long term marketing goals behind your paid ad campaign are critical steps towards its success. Effective PPC requires continuous refinement and adjustment, seasonal awareness and an appreciation of the ever shifting consumer behaviors that drive the marketplace. Captain Marketing Pay-Per-Click campaigns are flexible, fluid and yet carefully orchestrated based on your unique needs.


  • Definition of goals based on budget, success metrics and risk tolerance profile
  • Identification of your competitive advantages and unique selling proposition
  • Awareness of promotions, sales and special offers
  • Anticipation of trends, seasonal shifts and changes to industry at large

Identifying New Revenue Opportunities

Over time, your campaign strategy will expand to include new opportunities for increased revenues. Our PPC experts are always searching for ways to increase your returns and build new business from innovative ads and effective placement.


  • Building and expanding a list of new keywords to capture relevant consumers
  • Connecting keywords with powerful calls to action
  • Creation of customer-friendly and effectively segmented campaigns
  • Establishment of correct conversion tracking to make leads attributable

Optimizing for Maximum Success

The optimization process focuses on ROI. We’re constantly refining strategy and working to identify new revenue opportunities for you. Our experts work at this phase to get the most value for every dollar, as we focus on end results that make you the most money for the least possible investment.

  • Optimizing bids to garner the best traffic at the lowest possible cost
  • Frequent analysis of search queries
  • Reviewing trending analysis (day to day as well as week to week)
  • Focusing on value and results
  • Researching and testing data
  • Identification of the ads that work-and why
  • Review of Google AdWords experiments and use where appropriate
  • Analysis of landing page optimization opportunities
  • Engagement with new and innovative beta options

Reaching New Consumer Markets

Pay-Per-Click is constantly evolving, revealing new choices at every turn for lucrative investment. Captain Marketing’s team of Pay-Per-Click professionals are experts in finding the best ways to maximize your returns at the lowest possible cost.

  • Porting successful AdWords programs into Microsoft adCenter
  • Building a complementary Facebook campaign to augment Pay Per Click campaign
  • Capitalizing on mobile search and display network opportunities
  • Expanding a highly segmented display campaign

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