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Our Technology

Marketing campaigns aren’t just about innovation. Any creative effort also requires the direction and measurable results that comes from data about the marketplace, and your campaign. In the world of internet marketing, too much information is also sometimes just as bad as not enough. At Captain Marketing, we have access to technology platforms that allow us to measure, predict and ultimately understand exactly the forces that will determine your success.

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We’re all familiar with the armchair SEO experts or garage-based social media campaigns of the past, when online marketing meant simple links and brochure style websites. The world has changed. Today, digital campaigns of any stripe are incredibly complicated, requiring access to the most advanced metrics available to determine what’s working-and what’s not-about any online strategy. Captain Marketing has this platform…so you don’t have to. But with access to all our data and regular reports, you’ll reap the benefits of this information, without having to slog through complicated algorithms to get it.

Our Technology

Our Client Portal Provides 24/7 Access

Once signed up with Captain Marketing, you’ll be supplied with a login and password to our Client Portal with 24/7 access to your current and past campaigns. You’ll find reports on keyword performance, information on any PPC program, as well as progress reports for your social media. You can also see any updates posted by your dedicated project manager-and ask your own questions, if you so choose. It’s an online hub for the team involved with your campaigns to share information and report progress. Simple to use, it’s easy to access and streamlined for convenient, effective communication.

Within this client portal are:

  • Up to Date Campaign information and Reports
  • Account Results on Granular and “Big Picture” Level
  • Monthly Summaries and Quarterly Reviews.
  • Deliverables Schedules and Progress Updates
  • Creative Assets
  • Industry News and Updates
  • Team Communications

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