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Hyper-Dynamic Linking: Rise Above the Storms

Did you ever wonder why companies like Coca-Cola, or FedEx seem impervious to Google’s updates, algorithm changes and penalties? As you might expect, Google favors these gigantic brands who can more than market themselves. Only those big businesses-JC Penney and Expedia, for example-who choose to use spammy SEO tactics end up penalized. How can a small business hope to compete?

We Offer High Value Solutions, Without the High Price

The expert analysts at Captain Marketing have studied these trends and formulated our linking programs accordingly. Our linking strategies don’t focus on web spam, but instead center around creating real marketing materials for your website. We make buzz happen by creating and distributing media like audio, classified ads, quality images, eCommerce listings, infographics, documents, presentations and event listings based around the content on your website. These in turn show Google that you’re a branding powerhouse-without the spam. You’ve demonstrated that you’re marketing your website, and what’s more, doing so in a diverse way.

Hand-Made, High Quality Protection

The websites we post to are protected from the scrutiny of Google algorithm updates simply due to their nature. Google wants you to use these kinds of sites to promote your materials, rather than the less desirable, lower quality link trading, spam directory submissions, or literally buying links. In contrast, our links are hand-made.

Send Powerful Signals to Your Consumers Too

By having your different marketing materials linking back to you across the internet, you’ll capture Google’s attention, and consumers. At the beginning stages of your SEO campaign, your website may not be visible. But over time, posting your marketing materials on these popular websites give you better rankings and realistic exposure to the right demographics. You have a higher chance of being seen-and for longer periods of time, as our methods are long lasting.

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