Your SEO Strategy: the Perennial in Your Marketing Garden

Posted on August 13, 2013 in SEO, SEO marketing by cmblogger

When it comes to appearing on page one of the organic search results, there are no quick fixes. Regardless of whatever the latest gimmick or exciting new trend you may be hearing about from marketers who want your business and the media, SEO is never an overnight miracle. Rather, it’s still a process that takes time, effort and commitment.

First, consider your keywords. Are you using terms in your content and link building efforts that really reflect the products and services you offer, as well as the ways in which your consumers search for them on the web? While it may seem elementary to some, many businesses choose keywords that either they’re not using on their website (like a competitor’s brand name, for example) or that don’t capture the essence of what they sell.

Avoid disaster with some old fashioned keyword research to find the terms that fit your business. Use these in any linking strategy, and within the meaningful content on your homepage and the copy throughout your website. Again, while this may seem obvious for the more digitally savvy among us, it’s easy for small businesses to forget this simple but essential key to successful rankings.

Coupled with effective link building, strong social media, and a website that has been designed for speed and search engine friendly navigation, you will be able to count on your SEO program as the trusty workhorse of any strong online marketing campaign. While that may not be a flashy message, it’s the truth.


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