The Importance of Local Search for Small Business

Posted on January 23, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO by cmblogger

Everyone seems to be talking about local SEO lately-and for good reason. It’s a fundamental to getting website visitors…and even brick and mortar traffic for your business in 2013. According to the web researchers at, over 82% of local consumers utilize the search engines to find nearby products and services, far more than the 57% who report using the Yellow Pages and the 49% who use other local guides to find what they need close to their home or office. Nevertheless, also reported that small local businesses have been slow to take advantage of  this growing trend, with very few appearing on the search engine results pages at all for their localized products or service. Only 7% of the small business owners surveyed reported that their primary marketing goal was to get more visitors to their website, and over 51% described their own website’s quality and ability to get new customers as “fair” to “poor.” These are significant issues. Appearing on the search engines results pages for your city-and having a credible website behind it-is mission critical to getting customers in 2013, whether you sell online or only in person.


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