Twitter: The Modern Newswire

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Twitter is an undeniable force in the world of marketing

Love it or hate it, Twitter is an undeniable force in the world of marketing with almost 300 million active users and the numbers growing every day. But it also has perhaps become the newswire of our age, a direct conduit to situations and events that previously might have gone unnoticed or unreported. Any doubts?  Ask James Karl Buck, an aspiring journalist once used it to get out of a dangerous prison in the Middle East. During a violent political uprising in Egypt in 2008, the Berkeley graduate student was arrested along with his translator by pro-government forces. On his way to jail, he simply tweeted one word…”arrested.” The Twitter world swung into action, and soon he was provided with an attorney, the help of our State Department and ultimately he was released, unlike thousands of other political detainees who simply disappeared into Egypt’s notorious judicial system. His translator, without a Twitter account or an American passport, was not so lucky, and remained incarcerated for some time after Buck was released. Buck’s story is not unique in its global significance. Twitter has also been used to report on international political events where other means of communication were less available. The Iranian 2009 election protests were live-tweeted by an anonymous source, “persiankiwi”, who risked imprisonment and death to report on an uprising against Iran’s totalitarian regime. Sadly, this account has since gone silent, leading many to surmise the poster has been arrested and imprisoned, or worse. While Twitter is a modern development, clearly Jean Valjean would have tweeted if the service had been around in the time of Victor Hugo.


The Most Popular Sites on The Internet for 2012

Posted on October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized by cmblogger just released its September rankings for the most popular sites on the internet, and as expected, Google was still at number one.   However, in terms of social media, other significant findings included Facebook checking in at #4 for September, with 150,349,000 unique visitors for the month, and Twitter at the #27 spot, with 36,829,000. The new darling of SMO, Pinterest, broke into the top 50 this month as well, with 35,330,000 unique visitors to their website. With numbers like these, clearly the small to midsize business must include a presence on interactive social websites as part of any successful marketing strategy. 


Why You Need To Be On Twitter, Today!

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When even the Curiosity spacecraft tweets reports from Mars to schoolchildren everywhere, you know Twitter has indeed arrived as a powerful social media platform. As of September 5, 2012, according to the Huffington Post, there are more than 500 million active, registered Twitter users, with 1.6 billion search engine queries about the social media platform every single day.

Clearly, tweeting is no longer just for the birds, though Rudy, a small orange parrot tweeting from Silver Springs, Maryland, might disagree.  In fact, the whale at the Museum of Natural History in New York City tweets weekly updates, as can your houseplants, courtesy of a product at that you insert into the potting soil. When the plant gets dry, the sensor allows the philodendron in question to tweet a request for more water.  Other weird but popular twitter accounts include a human liver, a ghost cat posting from the Great Beyond, and of course, we haven’t even mentioned popular “celebrity spoof” twitter accounts (not to be confused with say, the obviously very legitimate tweets from a vital organ or the bird). With fake but funny (depending on who you ask) accounts for everyone from Queen Elizabeth to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, the medium is clearly ripe for just about anyone with something to say and several times a day to say it. 

twitter diversity

Given these ever expanding creative parameters, you may ask, how can your company’s twitter account compete effectively on this platform? It’s possible-and worth the effort. Essentially, Twitter lets you connect with customers by providing meaningful information and commentary anywhere from several times a week to several times a day. Rather than being  just another place to advertise with  a “buy this widget” message, Twitter offers a chance for potential customers to build a relationship with your brand, not just your product. And that, perhaps, is the key to Twitter’s huge success. 

  An effective Twitter account  starts with when, where and how you tweet. First, remember short tweets under 100 characters always receive more attention than long ones. Secondly, time of day and time of the week matter too. Did you know tweets on a weekend afternoon are more likely to be retweeted than those on a weekday morning, according to the market researchers at Buddy Media?  Just asking for a retweet also makes a significant difference in engagement rates, with this simple call to action alone resulting in a 12% increase in customer participation, according to the same Buddy Media study. 

This is obviously the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successful Twittering…but these facts illustrate our point. Competent management of your company’s Twitter account bring tangible results and significant conversion increases for your small business. Don’t ignore this potent means of gathering an audience for your brand and your product.  And take a moment to explore this new medium for sharing perspectives. Twitter has a little of everything, including the world’s most awkward family photos. Check out those plaid pants…

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Understanding The Differences Between Social Media Platforms

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The Captain is all about engaging your potential customer with interesting content, asking questions, listening-and responding- to their answers.

Most of us are on Facebook now, whether looking at pictures of our former college roommate’s third grade twins playing soccer or to promote our own companies. Twitter has now entered the national landscape to the point that everyone’s grandma uses the word “tweet” to mean more than just the sound from their canary. And yet, how much do you understand about the nuances between social media platforms, and how they relate to your business? Do you know the differences between the typical Tumblr-er and a LinkedIn user? Is the person most likely to utilize your business a night owl reading the Facebook newsfeed, or at work early in the morning and one of the 40% of Twitterers who prefer reading tweets to posting their own? Get Captain Marketing to run your SMO programs and you can go back to reading about your former college roommate’s soccer star children in peace, instead staying up nights worrying about the vagaries of social media. We have the expertise you need to get meaningful results from your social media campaign, bringing you solid leads and engaged site visitors rather than just pointless “likes” or useless postings.


Social media – key tools for branding your business

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Let us cultivate the right consumer relationships for you, and make your campaign interesting and original.

Talking about Twitter, what’s the best way to use Social Media to make your company come alive for consumers and boost your conversion rate? Trust our Social Media specialists, who are working hard for you from their secure mountain hideaway carved from solid aluminum (well, actually just Calabasas). Armed with all the Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media expertise your company will need for total world domination, our superheroes will update tweets and posts frequently, sharing meaningful links  and topics related to the subjects that are trending most, while still staying relevant to your marketing message. Our Social Media Experts understand how to involve consumers with compelling, informative content, as well as how to engage potential customers with questions, answers, and the kind of give and take that makes this kind of marketing platform so powerful. Remember, Social Media is called social for a reason. Let us cultivate the right consumer relationships for you, and make your campaign interesting and original, while you watch your brand gain the kind of high quality followers that lead to serious conversions, not just meaningless numbers. Our Social Media experts do it all for you with a minimum of hassle and a maximum of fun.



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