Social Media and SEO: A Classic Pairing

Posted on August 20, 2013 in SEO by cmblogger

Some things just go together. A set of pearls and a little black dress… summertime and baseball…movies and popcorn. Think of SEO and social media in the same way. Whether you’re talking about what makes for effective branding or in terms of how Google has defined the search ranking algorithm, what your company does on these social media platforms is now a critical part of not just your SEO campaign, but any successful online marketing strategy.

It’s all about engagement as a measure of relevance. The search engines want to rank companies with content that attracts attention and participation from consumers on the web. Google is continually trying to improve its results by answering your search request with the most relevant answers possible. That’s why it looks for goods and services that demonstrate that people care about them, as measured by participation with that brand on social media, or by how often consumers share a particular website’s content. If you have something that no one is reading about, commenting on, or sharing, you’re not showing Google you matter when it comes to your particular products and services.

The other caveat, however? Unfortunately, the process takes awhile. A viable social media strategy won’t happen overnight, but instead requires interesting, varied content over time. Mix it up. Use videos. Photographs. Informational posts. Answer questions-and interact with your users. Google will note these social connections and reflect it within the SERPs. While it remains a complicated trial and error process, an enduring social SEO campaign will pay off. Stick with the basics, and watch your star rise along with your rankings.


Blogs: More Important Than Ever for Consumers and SEO

Posted on July 2, 2013 in SEO by cmblogger

It used to be that company blogs were akin to an online diary, filled at best with sensitive thoughts, and unique perspectives. At worst, they just provided links to obscure folk music videos and vented a lot of hot air.

Things have changed, and the blog has matured from just another means of social expression to a serious tool in your SEO arsenal. Aside from being an opportunity to engage your customers with interesting subject matter and product education, its regular content updates, keyword use and the links posted within are now a key means for Google to evaluate the relevancy and importance of your website. In other words, if you want to show up for organic search, you need a blog.

Blogs themselves can be advertorial, though while relatively uninteresting content-wise for your consumers, can at least provide the fresh content Google demands. Preferably for your readers, your blogs can also be newsy, educational or just plain fun. Infographics, dos and don’ts, videos and best of lists are all reasonable fodder to include in your content.

Most importantly, don’t plagiarize or copy content from other sources, lest you get flagged by Google for Copyscape issues. According to a 2013 study by data analysts, 81% of consumers trust the information and advice they read about on a blog. Earn that trust-with compelling content that gets you ranked on page one with the search engines as well.



Getting a Local Google Places Listing: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on June 18, 2013 in SEO, Social SEO by cmblogger

Everyone seems to be talking lately about the importance of capturing customers in your geographic area through effective local SEO. But let’s get to the most important part of that conversation-have you set up your local Google+ places listing yet?

Establishing a strong local profile on Google+ will help organic rankings along with promoting your local social media identity. And with the new Google redesigns, setting up your local places listing page isn’t too different from a Facebook page in layout and design. If you can do that, you can do this, and get your local information indexed by all the search engines at the same time.

First, sign in here, and get to your Google dashboard. You’ll be asked for your country, your phone number and identifying information for your business. Mission critical: make sure the phone number you enter is the same one you want for your business on your Google+ local places listing page.

Once you’re done typing in the info, you’ll need to get a verification code from Google itself, by text, phone, or even postcard, if you’re feeling retro. With this PIN, you’ll be able to immediately finalize your Google Places Listing, and get on board!

Next week: Google+ Local Listing


Putting It All Together: SEO and Google+

Posted on May 21, 2013 in Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO marketing, Social SEO by cmblogger

When it comes to getting great organic rankings, your SEO program and your Google+ pages are increasingly,  inextricably connected. Google+ pages allow you to not just engage with a wide range of consumers, but also to provide an easily accessible hub for all your social media profiles, sites, articles and even blog posts. You can link to it all from Google+. Think of it like your personal O’Hare, minus the delays.

From an SEO standpoint, every consumer who shares, links to your post or +1s it adds a valuable link to your arsenal. Google rewards those sites that are well connected to others with better organic rankings. As the company states on its website, “+1′s from friends and contacts can be a useful signal to Google when determining the relevance of your page to a user’s query.” And if your post ends up going viral, the sky’s the limit. Google adds even more value to those links, to further encourage you to post meaningful, interesting content.

Google+ also allows you to connect with significant companies and people within your industry, referred to as “high authority profiles.” The more people that link, share and +1 your posts, the more you also become an influencer within your field on Google+.

It’s a win-win, both in terms of a successful social media campaign and as a way to unlock better SEO results for your business. By most analyses, Google+ will only continue to grow in its importance for all aspects of your online marketing strategy.

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Start with Traditional and Social SEO

Posted on April 9, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO by cmblogger

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SEO and Social Deal of the Week!

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