Social Media and Customer Interaction for 2015

Posted on December 10, 2014 in Blogging by cmblogger

Some good news for those businesses who use social media marketing: Forrester Research, an independent global research and advisory firm, has released a recent study that shows 79% of Americans online are accessing the Internet daily, for more longer periods, and most importantly, are interacting with their favorite brands more than ever before.

The report also states that 45% of people on social networks say they have interacted with a brand through social media over the past three months. Pointing to the increasing mobility of the marketplace, the study also showed tablet ownership has more than doubled since 2011.


Direct Marketing, Brand Marketing: Mix Well for Best Results

Posted on October 14, 2013 in Blogging by cmblogger


Brand marketing is about making sure your customers remember you. In contrast, direct marketing is only about getting a response, whether in the form of a solid lead or an actual sale. While some small companies may assume there’s no room for branding in today’s competitive economy, the truth is that direct marketing won’t work as well without it. No matter what you sell, taking the time to educate your customer, manage your online reputation, and facilitate consumer engagement pays off with more leads and bigger conversion numbers.

Luckily, social media allow you to do both. Coupons, discounts and special prices for your fans are the hallmarks of effective direct marketing. Consider providing great deals for consumers on Google+, or for those who interact with your business on Facebook. Access to new inventory,  exclusive offers and other “insider” benefits are great ways to get customers to take immediate action.

Great branding opportunities also abound on these platforms. Images that show your customers a “behind the scenes” look at what you do, or posts that share a piece of engaging company culture with consumers go a long way towards establishing your business as a unique brand.

Remember, where direct marketing focuses only on driving sales, branding is about building the long term customer for your product, and distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Given the popularity of social media and the myriad number of ways to connect online with today’s consumers, both are now essential to any digital marketing campaign.


Improve Your SEO with a Google+ Page

Posted on September 24, 2013 in Captain Marketing, SEO by cmblogger

Many of us are still resisting using Google+ socially. Most people barely have time for Facebook, let alone another social media platform. And when it comes to business, who cares, anyway? Aren’t Facebook and Twitter enough?

Quite frankly, no. Think of it as a “quid pro quo” situation. Google wants people to use its proprietary social media platform, so the popular search engine will reward those websites who do with better rankings, even if none of your customers or associates use it. It’s that simple. As e-learning consultant Steve Rayson puts it,  “Google Plus content stays around, gains page rank, gives page rank, and appears in search results over a long period. It appears Google Plus posts can retain ranking indefinitely with some posts over a year old still top of search result pages.”

Google+ posts also send valuable social signals to the indexing bots, another key element of today’s search engine optimization process. As you post images, blog links and text to your Google+ page, you’re letting the search engines know your relevance to the goods and services you sell. Testimonials and reviews posted on this social media platform will also help you gain traction.

Google+ is free, fast and easy, and it will help a lot. In the sometimes complicated world of digital marketing, there aren’t many strategies you can unequivocally describe in the same terms. Move ahead of your competitors and take advantage of Google+ benefits today. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find time to create your own personal Google+ page as well.



Learning from A Pinterest Winner: Social Media Counts

Posted on May 20, 2013 in SMO by cmblogger

When it comes to branding, social media is now the great word of mouth companies need to promote themselves in the marketplace successfully. More than just forums for direct interactions with your customers, these platforms provide an opportunity to express what’s behind your products and services-the core values that drive your business.

In 2013, great branding is achieved through a social media campaign that connects the right message with the right consumers. A recent study by analysts at Unmetric revealed the most popular corporate Pinterest boards were ones that took advantage of Pinterest’s mostly female demographic. Two boards created by Better Homes and Gardens, for example, had the most repins by consumers, as well as the second and third most “likes” of any company on the social media site.

The Better Homes and Gardens boards in question feature “guest pinners” regularly, and accrue many comments from consumers themselves. They provide multiple opportunities for users to share interests and opinions about the things they care about in these subject areas.

Along with support, the pins from Better Home and Gardens provide inspiration for one’s entire home environment and lifestyle, not just the products and services that happen to be featured that week. That kind of identification, that connection between the products you’re trying to promote with a larger value message, is precisely the definition of good branding.

The good news? Any company, big or small, can take advantage of this kind of opportunity with a great social media campaign. By now, your competitors are definitely on board. Are you?

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Stay On Top of New Social Media Developments

Posted on May 13, 2013 in SEM, SMO by cmblogger

The Internet is constantly changing, and without an agile online marketing strategy, your business will get left behind.

Take Pinterest, for example. Recent studies have demonstrated that consumer participation is at all time high on the world’s third most popular social network. In fact, “pinning” in some brand categories is led by consumers themselves, rather than companies within that area.

This is a golden opportunity for businesses to engage with these consumers, showing off  products, services, and a point of view that connect with a huge audience of potential customers.

Captain Marketing can help you choose not only the best times to post (schedules that are quantifiable for many industries) but also to select the right images that will proliferate across the web.

Pinterest is clearly here to stay. Take advantage of this popular platform and stay ahead of your competitors. Savvy online marketing is the key to your success in 2013.

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Get Social SEO…With Social Media Badges Added to Your Site, FREE

Posted on April 15, 2013 in SEO, SMO by cmblogger

Get the power of Social SEO today, with our latest Deal of the Week! With more than a billion users between them, Facebook. Google Plus and Twitter are now essential for any company doing business on the Internet today.

Having social media buttons on your homepage accomplishes two very important tasks. First, you’re making it easy for the consumer to find your social media pages, so they can begin to connect with you in a meaningful way on their favorite platforms. Second, you’re letting Google itself see that you have social media, something this powerful search engine will read as the vital “fresh content” critical for your organic rankings and successful SEO optimization.

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Facebook Changes Privacy Settings

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Facebook Changes Privacy Settings

Facebook recently moved to change its privacy settings,and some of the shifts may affect you and especially younger family members, whose social media usage can be more reckless and unthinking. Nicky Jackson Colaco, manager of privacy and safety for the ubiquitous social media platform, told in an interview, “It’s critical for parents to understand-even if someone  decides to hide something in their timeline, that photo might still be available somewhere else on Facebook.” Nevertheless, the company has also rolled out a new feature referred to as “report and remove,” which allows users to remove their name or “tag” from multiple photos at the same time. While this won’t result in the photo being deleted from Facebook itself, removing ones name or “tag” means the photograph won’t appear if someone  does a search for your name. As with all social media, the policy points to the most important rule of usage, one that all teens should be aware of: think before you post.


Instagram Public Relations Meltdown Shakes the Web

Posted on December 20, 2012 in Captain Marketing, SMO, Social Media by cmblogger

Instagram rolled out new terms of service for 2013, and the shockwaves were felt throughout the Internet. Coupled with a recent public and damaging feud with Twitter, which resulted in Instagram pics no longer uploadable as tweets onto the popular social media platform, the potential consequences are crippling. In the new service agreement which is to go into effect January 16th, Instagram users would have no legal rights to any of their photos. What’s more, any photographs shared on Instagram could be sold to other vendors as the property of Instagram itself, and used for any commercial purposes-without the original poster’s consent or permission. Perhaps needless to say, users are not pleased. In fact, in a public relations nightmare still unfolding, many celebrities have since come forward to announce they’re severing ties with the social media platform because of this new policy. Soon after the terms were announced, for example, Anderson Cooper tweeted, “Instagram will now be able to use anyone’s photos in ads? Without consent? Come on! Is there another photo app people recommend?” Stay tuned for further developments, as this new but highly relevant social media platform struggles to overcome the consequences of such a dramatic shift in user privacy rights.


Sapphire Package: Effective SMO on a Budget.

Posted on December 19, 2012 in Captain Marketing, Social Media by cmblogger

Sapphire Package: Effective SMO on a budget

With a billion people using Facebook and several hundred million on Twitter, social media makes sense for any small to midsize business looking for a marketing edge. And yet, the investment required, both in terms of social media experience and real dollars, can be daunting. Captain Marketing understands-which is why we’ve introduced new plans to help you get the most value out of a limited monthly investment. Consider, for example, the Sapphire package we offer. With just a $99 set-up fee, and $349 per month, you’ll have a dedicated social media expert handling your SMO strategy as well as execution, with management of all Twitter, Facebook and email blasts. This specialist will create 5 new Tweets for you a week, aimed at developing and engaging your consumer base with unique, interesting content beyond just a sales pitch.  We’ll create and implement one new email campaign per month, and up to 5 Facebook wall posts as well. You’ll receive weekly telephone status meetings with your project manager, where you can discuss strategy and results, and regular updates on your progress. That’s effective social media marketing, the Captain Marketing way.


Social Media as Social Facilitator

Posted on December 10, 2012 in Captain Marketing, SMO, Social Media by cmblogger

Creating an online identity and a regular presence on social media

Once again, the Pew Research Center has done a survey that sheds light on how our citizens not only use the Internet, but incorporate social media into their daily lives. According to the recent study, 60 million Americans report that they have used the Internet for help with a major life decision. In findings that run counter to the conventional wisdom that social media weakens social ties, the Pew study found, in contrast, that “…instead of disappearing, peoples’ communities are transforming….moving towards communities that are oriented around geographically dispersed social networks.” These new relationships are no less strong, just differently organized than conventional social groups based around a neighborhood or single workplace environment. And in an indication that establishing ones business  reputation online has never been more important, Internet “word of mouth” is now seen as a critical part of online connectedness, with “people [using] the Internet to seek out others in their network of contacts when they need help.” Creating an online identity and a regular presence on social media,  no matter what your product or service, will be critical for the small to midsize business in 2013.

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