Using Social Media for Good SEO

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We all know that integrating your SEO and social campaigns can significantly improve organic rankings, but many businesses struggle with the mechanics of exactly how these social media platforms can be harnessed for best results. When it comes to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, keep in mind the three important factors that will determine how you fare on the SERPS. According to most experts, it’s all about fresh content, popularity (how often your content is shared, for example), and your perceived trustworthiness.

This starts with your “authority” on the web. In Google terms, this refers to the relative importance of your website compared to others in your field. Google calculates authority in several ways, but social media is a critical part of this equation. First and foremost, the Google bot will assess your engagement levels. Who is liking your posts? How many shares or re-tweets do you get? Search engines prefer websites that have lots of consumer interactions to show for themselves. Social media is the way to demonstrate to Google that you have the clout with consumers that merits a first page ranking.

It can sound daunting, but the good news? A strong social media presence not only helps with your organic search rankings, but will build your brand along the way. Rather than simply marketing for a search engine robot as was necessary in years past, today’s effective SEO strategies work best when they reach real people: your customers.


Google Engineers Defend SEO: It’s About Usability

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The demands of online marketing, especially SEO, can easily cause frustration for the average small to midsize business. New standards for keywords, linking, and most of all, meaningful content can sometimes feel oppressive, as if we’re so many circus monkeys jumping through a series of hoops for a peanut.

And yet.

As several Google engineers pointed out in a recent forum discussion, search engine requirements in many ways help us all. Websites today generally look better, are easier to navigate, and convey more succinctly what they’re about than ever before.

Gone are the days when a company could just buy links to ensure a place in the rankings, do no other brand marketing and still show up on page one of the search engines. Now, more than ever before, successful SEO goes hand in hand with other online marketing techniques in a tandem process, rather than by “gaming the system” with a series of technical tricks.

Build a brand. Develop your relationship on social media with existing customers-and your potential ones. Allow your website to rise in the rankings with engaging content, strong website design, solid linking and most importantly, the great relationship you’re cultivating with the consumer. That’s what matters, and that is, in the end, what continues to make the web such a exciting place to be.


Learning from A Pinterest Winner: Social Media Counts

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When it comes to branding, social media is now the great word of mouth companies need to promote themselves in the marketplace successfully. More than just forums for direct interactions with your customers, these platforms provide an opportunity to express what’s behind your products and services-the core values that drive your business.

In 2013, great branding is achieved through a social media campaign that connects the right message with the right consumers. A recent study by analysts at Unmetric revealed the most popular corporate Pinterest boards were ones that took advantage of Pinterest’s mostly female demographic. Two boards created by Better Homes and Gardens, for example, had the most repins by consumers, as well as the second and third most “likes” of any company on the social media site.

The Better Homes and Gardens boards in question feature “guest pinners” regularly, and accrue many comments from consumers themselves. They provide multiple opportunities for users to share interests and opinions about the things they care about in these subject areas.

Along with support, the pins from Better Home and Gardens provide inspiration for one’s entire home environment and lifestyle, not just the products and services that happen to be featured that week. That kind of identification, that connection between the products you’re trying to promote with a larger value message, is precisely the definition of good branding.

The good news? Any company, big or small, can take advantage of this kind of opportunity with a great social media campaign. By now, your competitors are definitely on board. Are you?

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Stay On Top of New Social Media Developments

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The Internet is constantly changing, and without an agile online marketing strategy, your business will get left behind.

Take Pinterest, for example. Recent studies have demonstrated that consumer participation is at all time high on the world’s third most popular social network. In fact, “pinning” in some brand categories is led by consumers themselves, rather than companies within that area.

This is a golden opportunity for businesses to engage with these consumers, showing off  products, services, and a point of view that connect with a huge audience of potential customers.

Captain Marketing can help you choose not only the best times to post (schedules that are quantifiable for many industries) but also to select the right images that will proliferate across the web.

Pinterest is clearly here to stay. Take advantage of this popular platform and stay ahead of your competitors. Savvy online marketing is the key to your success in 2013.

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Get Social SEO…With Social Media Badges Added to Your Site, FREE

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Get the power of Social SEO today, with our latest Deal of the Week! With more than a billion users between them, Facebook. Google Plus and Twitter are now essential for any company doing business on the Internet today.

Having social media buttons on your homepage accomplishes two very important tasks. First, you’re making it easy for the consumer to find your social media pages, so they can begin to connect with you in a meaningful way on their favorite platforms. Second, you’re letting Google itself see that you have social media, something this powerful search engine will read as the vital “fresh content” critical for your organic rankings and successful SEO optimization.

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Twice the SMO Power and Double Your Savings

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Social Media Even Helps Cute Puppies

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Christmas Eve brought a sad call to Michigan’s Benzie County Animal Control when a Good Samaritan reported finding a stray puppy in the snow with not one, but two broken legs. With a choke chain around his neck but no identifying tags, the dog was immediately treated for pain and held at the shelter until a solution could be found. Luckily, animal control worker Ed Carter and his wife took pity on the suffering animal, who would need extensive-and expensive-surgery to fix his badly injured legs. He brought the dog to Bay Area Pet Hospital, where they not only took X-rays free of charge, but posted on their Facebook page about the case. The story quickly went viral on the social media platform, and response was immediate and definitive. Donations to the small, regional animal hospital poured in from places as far away as Washington DC and Alabama to cover the cost of the stray’s surgery and rehabilitation, and the beagle mix is expected to make a full recovery.


Facebook “Likes” Influence Inventory

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Facebook “Likes” Influence Inventory

According to a report in the Deseret News, major retailers are now making major inventory decisions based in part on the results of social media polls and Facebook  “likes” they receive from customers on various products. For the first time ever, Wal Mart allowed customers on the one-billion-strong social media site to vote on which toys they wanted put on sale for the Christmas season. Similarly, Macy’s customers recently voted on Facebook for more jeans in neon hues, rather than pastels-a decision the company buyers acted upon immediately, rolling out a “Very Vivid” collection of brightly colored denim in response.


Social Media and Customer Interaction for 2012

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Social Media and Customer Interaction for 2012

Some good news for those businesses who use social media marketing: Forrester Research, an independent global research and advisory firm, has released a recent study that shows 79% of Americans online are accessing the Internet daily, for more longer periods, and most importantly, are interacting with their favorite brands more than ever before. The report also states that 45% of people on social networks say they have interacted with a brand through social media over the past three months. Pointing to the increasing mobility of the marketplace, the study also showed tablet ownership has more than doubled since 2011.


Why You Need To Be On Twitter, Today!

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When even the Curiosity spacecraft tweets reports from Mars to schoolchildren everywhere, you know Twitter has indeed arrived as a powerful social media platform. As of September 5, 2012, according to the Huffington Post, there are more than 500 million active, registered Twitter users, with 1.6 billion search engine queries about the social media platform every single day.

Clearly, tweeting is no longer just for the birds, though Rudy, a small orange parrot tweeting from Silver Springs, Maryland, might disagree.  In fact, the whale at the Museum of Natural History in New York City tweets weekly updates, as can your houseplants, courtesy of a product at that you insert into the potting soil. When the plant gets dry, the sensor allows the philodendron in question to tweet a request for more water.  Other weird but popular twitter accounts include a human liver, a ghost cat posting from the Great Beyond, and of course, we haven’t even mentioned popular “celebrity spoof” twitter accounts (not to be confused with say, the obviously very legitimate tweets from a vital organ or the bird). With fake but funny (depending on who you ask) accounts for everyone from Queen Elizabeth to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, the medium is clearly ripe for just about anyone with something to say and several times a day to say it. 

twitter diversity

Given these ever expanding creative parameters, you may ask, how can your company’s twitter account compete effectively on this platform? It’s possible-and worth the effort. Essentially, Twitter lets you connect with customers by providing meaningful information and commentary anywhere from several times a week to several times a day. Rather than being  just another place to advertise with  a “buy this widget” message, Twitter offers a chance for potential customers to build a relationship with your brand, not just your product. And that, perhaps, is the key to Twitter’s huge success. 

  An effective Twitter account  starts with when, where and how you tweet. First, remember short tweets under 100 characters always receive more attention than long ones. Secondly, time of day and time of the week matter too. Did you know tweets on a weekend afternoon are more likely to be retweeted than those on a weekday morning, according to the market researchers at Buddy Media?  Just asking for a retweet also makes a significant difference in engagement rates, with this simple call to action alone resulting in a 12% increase in customer participation, according to the same Buddy Media study. 

This is obviously the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successful Twittering…but these facts illustrate our point. Competent management of your company’s Twitter account bring tangible results and significant conversion increases for your small business. Don’t ignore this potent means of gathering an audience for your brand and your product.  And take a moment to explore this new medium for sharing perspectives. Twitter has a little of everything, including the world’s most awkward family photos. Check out those plaid pants…

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