Social Media for Good SEO: What That Means

Posted on October 28, 2013 in SEO by cmblogger


So let’s say you’re doing everything right. You have a linking program. You have a blog with plenty of fresh content uploaded every month. You have a well organized website that’s easy for consumers to navigate. So what else is missing?

It’s simple. Social media. That doesn’t mean just having Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ (at least), but that you’re posting regularly on them. Looking for material? If you’ve got a newsletter or blogs, bingo! You have content you can be posting frequently-and this is just a start.

Google’s new algorithm, Hummingbird, relies on the idea of content authority more than ever before. This translates into relevant, interesting copy that consumers are commenting on, awarding with “likes” and most of all, sharing with their own friends, family and colleagues. Barely intelligible but keyword rich paragraphs on your homepage won’t cut it-if it ever did, which is doubtful.  Having a social media presence where you are connecting with consumers and sharing what you know is now critical for strong rankings.

As Warren Lee, SEO consultant manager for ADOBE explains it, “SEO is no longer just about content, linking, and site architecture; it’s also about building social identity…and engagement.” It’s the relationship age for digital marketing, and if you haven’t created your company’s social media pages or interacted with customers lately on these platforms, it’s time to get started.


Stay On Top of New Social Media Developments

Posted on May 13, 2013 in SEM, SMO by cmblogger

The Internet is constantly changing, and without an agile online marketing strategy, your business will get left behind.

Take Pinterest, for example. Recent studies have demonstrated that consumer participation is at all time high on the world’s third most popular social network. In fact, “pinning” in some brand categories is led by consumers themselves, rather than companies within that area.

This is a golden opportunity for businesses to engage with these consumers, showing off  products, services, and a point of view that connect with a huge audience of potential customers.

Captain Marketing can help you choose not only the best times to post (schedules that are quantifiable for many industries) but also to select the right images that will proliferate across the web.

Pinterest is clearly here to stay. Take advantage of this popular platform and stay ahead of your competitors. Savvy online marketing is the key to your success in 2013.

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Captain Marketing Does It All When It Comes To SMO

Posted on September 25, 2012 in SMO, Social Media by cmblogger

When it comes to social media, Captain Marketing has your solutions. With a wide range of SMO packages priced for every budget, we’ve got you covered for Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter and more! With page sychronization and monitoring, regular data and progress reports, and total set-up and management included in our prices, you can rest easy knowing you’re tweeting up a storm…and getting the meaningful engagement with your potential customers that builds traffic and improves conversion. Check out our custom programs as well, for the customer who requires individual solutions to unique SMO challenges.


Understanding The Differences Between Social Media Platforms

Posted on September 25, 2012 in SMO, Social Media by cmblogger

Most of us are on Facebook now, whether looking at pictures of our former college roommate’s third grade twins playing soccer or to promote our own companies. Twitter has now entered the national landscape to the point that everyone’s grandma uses the word “tweet” to mean more than just the sound from their canary. And yet, how much do you understand about the nuances between social media platforms, and how they relate to your business? Do you know the differences between the typical Tumblr-er and a LinkedIn user? Is the person most likely to utilize your business a night owl reading the Facebook newsfeed, or at work early in the morning and one of the 40% of Twitterers who prefer reading tweets to posting their own? Get Captain Marketing to run your SMO programs and you can go back to reading about your former college roommate’s soccer star children in peace, instead staying up nights worrying about the vagaries of social media. We have the expertise you need to get meaningful results from your social media campaign, bringing you solid leads and engaged site visitors rather than just pointless “likes” or useless postings.

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