Google Engineers Defend SEO: It’s About Usability

Posted on June 17, 2013 in SEO by cmblogger

The demands of online marketing, especially SEO, can easily cause frustration for the average small to midsize business. New standards for keywords, linking, and most of all, meaningful content can sometimes feel oppressive, as if we’re so many circus monkeys jumping through a series of hoops for a peanut.

And yet.

As several Google engineers pointed out in a recent forum discussion, search engine requirements in many ways help us all. Websites today generally look better, are easier to navigate, and convey more succinctly what they’re about than ever before.

Gone are the days when a company could just buy links to ensure a place in the rankings, do no other brand marketing and still show up on page one of the search engines. Now, more than ever before, successful SEO goes hand in hand with other online marketing techniques in a tandem process, rather than by “gaming the system” with a series of technical tricks.

Build a brand. Develop your relationship on social media with existing customers-and your potential ones. Allow your website to rise in the rankings with engaging content, strong website design, solid linking and most importantly, the great relationship you’re cultivating with the consumer. That’s what matters, and that is, in the end, what continues to make the web such a exciting place to be.


Successful Branding Online: Roping the Broncos of the Internet

Posted on September 14, 2012 in SEO by cmblogger

Creating a compelling online brand for you and your business is just another day at the office for the Captain!

With the internet permeating the lives of your customers in every possible way, it’s hard to imagine the success of any brick and mortar store today without a strong internet presence. Yet the small to midsize business often shies away from the prospect, or does so with such a tentative “toe in the water” strategy so as to negate the efforts they do make. And yet…while your company may not be able to afford 24 hour a day pay per click, the effect of a few carefully chosen marketing techniques and products can make a real impact in terms of increasing site traffic, creating an effective message and ultimately, getting more conversions.

Successful internet branding starts with the creation of a company website that’s not only easy to navigate, but to understand as well. Now that content has become the driving force behind great rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing, it’s impossible to rely on a homepage with just some cool graphics and a pretty picture to get you where you need to go, speaking in terms of SEO. And when it comes to your customer, the simple, homemade “gosh, here’s what we sell.” approach has moved from being seen as a mildly successful, folksy approach to marketing, into the realm of the shag rug, macrame wall hanging and weird macaroni sculpture hiding in your garage. In other words, it’s over. You have a sophisticated consumer base now, well versed, whether they know it or not, in what reads well and what doesn’t. If they don’t get the message about who you are, what makes you special, and why they should get on board with you today, you can pack a lunch for your SERP rankings and kiss them goodbye. Without a solid marketing message on your website homepage, you’re done for. Thankfully, out of the ether comes someone in a cape…he’s flying through the air, straight towards you and your small to midsize business…QUICK, DUCK!!!! Is it an unusual street performer? A man shot out a cannon? An undercover police officer? No, it’s Captain Marketing,here to help you with your online branding strategy! Armed with affordable prices on a wide variety of incredibly useful internet marketing products, he can make the difference between your company being just another website, and developing into a real internet powerhouse, chock full of site traffic and exploding with conversions! And creating a compelling online brand for you and your business is just another day at the office for the Captain, accomplished with a snap of his fingers and a few tweets. Okay, it’s not that easy…but here’s the thing. Captain Marketing has a team of internet experts working with him to create a macro-strategy for even the smallest of mom and pop companies who are looking to brand themselves successfully along the internet highway.

Creating success online for your company is what the Captain is known for!

With access to that kind of broad base of internet skills and savvy, your business can’t help but improve. It’s cheaper than hiring your own marketing department too, and no portable basketball net or coffee cups required. The first element in creating success online for your company is, as the Captain will tell you, getting somewhere in the search engines. If no one can find you on the internet in the first place, especially in doing a search, then any efforts you make in improving your website will be about as useful as a superhero without tights. EEEWWW! BARE LEGS!!! Getting on Google and the other search engines is a complex task, combining both an effective linking strategy with appropriate SEO content, incorporating your keywords into meaningful text on the pages of your website. Things like Flash and mirror pages are Kryptonite to Google, by the way, so don’t even think of using them.


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