Only 80 Years Young and A Social Marketing Whiz

Posted on November 14, 2012 in Captain Marketing, SMO, Social Media by cmblogger

As long as we’re discussing successful blogs, it would be a shame to ignore the famous one published by the executive chairman of one of the largest hospitality companies in the world, Bill Marriott. Son of the hotel’s founder and born in 1932, Mr. Marriott dictates his blog entries to a secretary, with postings that focus on everything from his opinions on what makes a happy family to views on international crises and how to grow the national economy. Whether or not you agree with his politics, the blog’s effect on his brand is to personalize it, shrinking a large, multinational corporation to the friendly face of its corporate leader and the folksy news and bits of wisdom he dispenses on a weekly basis. One recent blog topic even focused on the barn owls that had taken up a roost in the eaves of the San Francisco Marriott property. Accompanied by charming pictures of the owl and her nascent family, the blog post tied in the presence of these unexpected hotel guests with a discussion of the larger Marriott commitment to the environment. In a brilliant example of great social media marketing, the event was also posted on the hotel’s Facebook account, along with a question-”How Can We Upgrade Their Stay?” Customers went crazy, with hundreds of suggestions ranging from “mice under glass from room service” to “flyaway packages!” The story went viral, and was even reported by a couple of news stations. That’s effective social media in action.

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