Marketing Strategy for Mobile Customers

Posted on January 5, 2015 in Blogging by cmblogger

With smartphone and tablet use on the rise, reaching your mobile customer is the new priority for any Internet marketing program. An effective mobile strategy is now critical to success, and your follow through in three key areas will determine how effective your campaign ultimately is in capturing these consumers on the go.

First, make sure your mobile content is both actionable and immediate. Remember, cell phones

and tablet are popular because you can take them anywhere and access anything, quickly. Can your customers take advantage of special deals in the moment on your mobile site? If you have a brick and mortar location, are there mobile-only opportunities for these consumers? Ensure your mobile content is both up to date and helpful for the customers who may be most pressed for time and also in your area-those on the phone or with their tablet.

Second, your web design must be easy to read and see from any device. Long paragraphs of copy, complicated terms or product descriptions don’t belong on a mobile friendly website. Make your unique selling proposition quick to read and simple to understand from a small screen.

Finally, make sure you have mobile ads and localized search terms for SEO that are relevant to the mobile user. Customize your mobile ads by using all the relevant data gathered from mobile devices, including check-ins, location, and past search behavior. Connect with these users with a mobile banner ad that tells them you’re nearby!

As the world moves towards mobile devices and away from constant desktop use, your business must include these customers to stay relevant. Quite simply, it’s a big part of online marketing’s future, and that of any business wanting to stay ahead of its competitors.

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