Get Ahead of Your Competition With Three Simple Strategies

Posted on December 16, 2013 in SEO by cmblogger


If you’re not alone on the playing field for your industry, it’s always important to think about

ways to distinguish yourself from the competition. While you may not have millions of dollars

for a consumer branding budget, it is possible to define yourself for customers with a few key

strategies that will put you ahead of the competition.


Make something easy for your customers that’s usually boring or difficult when they buy it

somewhere else. Consider your favorite businesses to use-what makes them so convenient?

Online apparel merchant Zappos redefined their industry by offering a simple return policy and

friendly customer service that made ordering a pleasure.


Think about giving. Tom’s Shoes offers a “1 to 1” policy where they donate one pair of shoes

or eyeglasses to a needy person for every pair they sell. Almost overnight, they’ve grown to

become a hugely successful business, and one that is distinctly different from all the other

shoe brands out there.


Offer a deal. Make your return policy, or warranty, or coupon system the best in the business.

Nordstrom’s liberal return policy instantly distinguished itself from other department stores, and

helped propel the company to the successful enterprise it is today.


Whether you sell one product or a thousand, make yourself the company to beat. Your

customers will appreciate it, and you’ll soon find yourself a leader in the marketplace.


Building a Brand with Consistent Messaging: Do Try This At Home

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It used to be that building a brand required a serious financial outlay for television, print and radio ads. The world has changed-and today, you can build a brand with a viral campaign for relatively little.

With the popularity of social media, the power of Google organic search and the steady influx of new, inexpensive channels by which to communicate your message to consumers, good branding is not only possible for small business, but imperative as a way to stand apart from your competitors. The key? Consistency.

Once you’ve defined who you are and what what you look like, keep that brand design and messaging the same across multiple channels for maximum impact. Think about high fashion: there’s a reason you don’t see Ralph Lauren selling cooking utensils. There is, however, a reason for him to sell high end dishware and tablecloths. Gracious entertaining is part of the Ralph Lauren brand. Quick meals on the fly for cheap, not so much.

You may sell plumbing equipment rather than designer dresses, but nevertheless, the rules still apply. Keep everyone in your sales funnel connected with one customer experience, one set of ideas, one kind of commentary, and one design scheme.

Good branding is about a strong identity that your customers can recognize a mile away or from the other side of the Internet as yours alone. While Facebook may afford you the chance to post a cat video once in awhile for the amusement of your customers, everything you post should fit overall with your basic values as a company. It’s okay to be silly in the right context-but always be your brand.


Psychological Effects of Good Web Design

Posted on May 10, 2013 in Coupon, Web Design by cmblogger

Colors and images set the mood of a website more than you might imagine. Blue is a trustworthy color, which is why so many banking institutions use it for their website designs. Green is often associated with nature and rebirth, and you’ll often find it used on websites touting health related products.

But it’s more than just “feel good” psychology when it comes to the layout of your website. Your design choices are not just about fostering brand consistency, but can actually provide the measure of encouragement your customer needs to make a purchase, or reach out for contact.

You have only a short time, most analysts say only 4-6 seconds, to “hook” a consumer who visits your website, and transform them from a casual browser into an active customer. Just as you would want an impressive storefront and well groomed employees no matter what your business, your website must have visual appeal as well as solid content.

Call us today to discuss your particular goals and challenges. Captain Marketing’s experienced team of web designers and copywriters can help you set just the right tone with an effective, consumer friendly website, formulated for success.

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Website Design and Effective Branding

Posted on December 21, 2012 in Web Design by cmblogger

Website Design and Effective Branding

Everybody’s got an opinion when it comes to onsite branding. It’s one of those amorphous topics for which there is frequently no single answer or easy solution. And yet, when it comes to your website, a coherent graphic design translates into strong brand identity and more conversions. Illustrations, rather than standard, forgettable stock photos, can help you get there in a unique, instantly identifiable way that makes a lasting positive impression on your consumer. Available with a wide color palette that ensures something soft and pleasing to the eye, cartoon illustrations to highlight important sales messages on your website can convey a sense of fun. They also readily connect your products to an idea or personal value, both extremely helpful when it comes to boosting sales. As consumers, we’ve all becomes somewhat inured to the standard stock photo, and a unique, colorful cartoon illustration can be the breakout visual you need to get noticed. Let your Captain Marketing web designer show you some options!

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