Chicken With Problems: Brand Management Matters

Posted on December 24, 2014 in Blogging by cmblogger

We talk a lot about online reputation management at Captain Marketing-it’s one of the many services we offer our clients. And yet, nothing illustrates the need for effective management of your brand online or off better than…a wrinkled, deep fat fried piece of chicken offal. Uhm…what? Well, Kentucky Fried Chicken patron Ibrahim Langoo recently found a piece of what looks to be some deep fat fried grey matter…and photographed it, right there in the bucket of chicken he’d ordered and in which he’d discovered the unsavory looking bit. He approached the staff at the counter, who were unimpressed. Unhappy with their response, he did what arguably most of those under 35 would do next in 2014…he posted the picture on the Internet.

Naturally, it went viral, and now the millions KFC carefully allotted to online advertising and a social media presence up may add up to exactly…nothing. To add insult to injury, Kentucky Fried Chicken has countered this photo’s popularity across the web with a rather misguided announcement that the organ in the photo was actually a piece of kidney, not a brain, and that they’re very sorry it happened, but that Mr. Langoo can pick up some free vouchers for more chicken whenever it’s convenient.

Somehow, looking at the photo, we don’t think Mr. Langoo, or many who have seen it  will be back to their local KFC anytime soon. Moral of the story: stop reputation management problems when they happen, whether on your Twitter feed, Facebook page..or even at the counter, face to face. Don’t wait for them to go viral…no matter what’s in your chicken.

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