Visual PR and Brand Journalism: What They Are, How They Can Help

Posted on January 10, 2015 in Blogging by cmblogger

In a world gone mobile, your online marketing program should now be focused in two areas to reach your customers. For today’s sophisticated online consumers, it’s not enough anymore just to feature a few bland photos and some pat descriptions of what you sell on your website.

First, you need a compelling visual story. People need to be able to distinguish who you are, not just what you are online. Strong images and powerful graphics accompanying everything your company says and does online will increase site traffic, strengthen your page views, and translate directly into more conversions. Boring images and design-in-a-can layouts are no longer possible in today’s competitive digital marketplace.

Second, with Google’s new emphasis on content and social media’s reliance on fresh, engaging copy, brand journalism is the new buzzword every business needs to know. Strong writing that communicates your values, products and overall message in an interesting way is essential  to not just strong SEO but the connections you need to make with your customers in this “age of relationship” between companies and their customers.

When you think about the term, it’s actually pretty intuitive. Journalism is about telling stories. A brand is a company’s identity. Brand journalism is the act of telling your company’s story in such a way that it not just informs, but touches people in an emotional way.

Skeptical? Your pipe wrench supply company isn’t about feelings, after all, but plumbing tools. Well, consider this. Your average site visitor will spend 4-6 seconds on your homepage before deciding whether to stay and shop-or click away to a competitor. And how do these potential customers make that critical decision? It’s emotion based-not information based. Do they trust you? Do they like you? Do they think your business stands for the values they care about?

Those are the questions you need to answer, for a successful website and an online marketing program that works in 2015.

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