Facebook vs Google+: Do You Need Both?

Posted on September 30, 2013 in SEO, SMO by cmblogger

Social Media Tips

It’s hopefully obvious by this point that social media is a fundamental for anyone interested in getting the word out about their products and services, no matter what your industry. Not only does your involvement help with ranking on the search engines, it’s the way to connect with your customers, both new and existing ones, in 2013.

While most of us are familiar with Facebook, Google+ remains a cipher for many. Nevertheless, for maximum success with your digital marketing program, that needs to change. Whether you’re a brick and mortar catering to local customers or strictly e-commerce, you must have a  presence on Google+ as well as a Facebook page.

According to the research, Facebook is about family, both our biological relatives and the  members we choose to include later. With 665 million active daily users (a 26% increase from 2012), 57% of Facebook is female. The emphasis, even for commerce, is on personal connections and referrals from friends to particular brands.

In contrast, most of Google+ is male (71%, actually, by the most recent stats). Google+ is best for delivering information, both about your brand and your products, and as a platform for conversation and discovery. In other words, while people come on Facebook to relate, Google+ users come on to explore.

Clearly, both are important for a variety of reasons. Don’t miss out on the other because you’ve already gone with the one. In this “age of relationship,” you can’t afford to miss out on either opportunity.

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