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Posted on September 14, 2012 in SEO by cmblogger

Get smart about how you manage your online presence

One of the reasons small businesses frequently shy away from doing much Internet marketing is data collection. “I don’t know how.” or “It’s too complicated” are frequent refrains when it comes to managing a Pay per Click or SEO program. And yet, gathering data about your users experience online is one of the most important and powerful tools any business with a web presence can use in creating an effective online marketing strategy. What does your bounce rate look like? Where do your potential customers go after they leave your homepage? These are only two of the critical, make or break questions that any credible marketing department should be able to answer for you, and yet, too often, when the marketing department, and the sales department, and the customer service department is say, one person in a small business…these issues fall by the wayside.
Get smart about how you manage your online presence. In the long run, you’ll spend less money and get more for the investment you do make when you can track changes and their effects on your conversion rate. Get Captain Marketing, a marketing company that specializes in handling online strategy for small to midsize businesses. Aside from the obvious SEO, SMO, PPC, SME, web design, copywriting and online reputation management services we provide, the main benefit to hiring a company like ours is simply data management. We track your results. Our results. What your customers are doing when they come to your site-and what they’re not. Information like this can change the way you do business, helping you to shape your products and services to adjust to a constantly changing marketplace. Having an expert help you to gather and interpret the data-and plan future strategy based on its conclusions-can be what determines whether you simply survive online, or find ultimate success and profitability as a real Internet contender.

Time for calling Captain Marketing’s reputation management services to the rescue

2.) Ever Google yourself? You don’t have to be a rock star to find sometimes-unwanted fame on the Internet. A single disgruntled customer can make the difference between success and failure in your online sales campaign, based on how doggedly they’re willing to spread rumors and untruths about your company and your products on the Net. You’d be amazed how many forums there are for anonymous, lengthy reviews about your products and services, and how well these editorials, no matter how unjust, can rank when a potential customer enters your name (or keywords you’re using) into the search engines.
Time for calling Captain Marketing’s reputation management services to the rescue! Captain Marketing can investigate and inform you about these spurious claims-and then work to if not remove them from the Net, at least tuck them away in safe areas unseen by your potential clients and customers. “Why, I don’t care what that crank/ thief/ unscrupulous person has to say about us,” you might say. “Surely my customers will be able to discern the rantings of a madwoman/madman/strange person-living-alone-in-an-apartment-with-23 cats-and-5-computers from the reality of my business.” Don’t be so sure. Nielsen Rating Services found in a 2008 survey of Internet holiday shoppers that 81% of Internet shoppers read online shopping reviews. And 86% of Internet shoppers use online reviews as the primary means of deciding whether or not to buy, according to the online Internet consulting firm Kudzu, in a study conducted in 2008. Those are a lot of potential customers-and huge numbers of lost sales if a disgruntled client or business associate has planted something unpleasant about you on the Internet. Don’t ignore what could be a ticking time bomb for your company. Get Captain Marketing to defuse the situation before it’s too late!

Are you featuring their testimonials prominently on your homepage?

  The flip side of reputation management-the happier one, frankly-is of course the reactions and responses from your happy customers about your products and services. Are you featuring their testimonials prominently on your homepage? Don’t underestimate the power  previous clients can convey simply by reporting about the services you provide. Consider having Captain Marketing adjust the format of your homepage to not only get in a simple, compelling marketing message, but also a space devoted to the glowing words of your customers. How to get reviews? Get on the phone-or offer a free gift or product in exchange for feedback of any kind. Positive messages can be shared, with the permission of the sender, and while negative reviews might be painful to read, they provide you an opportunity to follow up, make a situation better-and learn from past mistakes.




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