Grow Brand Loyalty Through a Strong Social Media Presence

Posted on August 12, 2013 in SMO by cmblogger

Spending money on acquiring new customers is obviously an important goal of any marketing plan. But don’t forget about the other important keystone of a successful marketing strategy: keeping, nurturing and supporting your existing ones. As a recent study [] of over 14 million store visits across multiple verticals revealed, regular customers comprise more than 20% of a company’s business, on average, and 80% of total company revenue.

That’s a huge return from only one fifth of your consumers. Create a presence on social media platforms that allows these loyal customers to find and follow you easily.  Display social media buttons on your website, and use your brand name along with your website’s URL on all the descriptions for your social media accounts. Connect with as many of these customers as you can with high quality, interesting content that gets people talking and sharing your story with their friends and colleagues.

Use engaging photographs, video, and copy that doesn’t just tell your story, but tells the stories that are right for your particular consumer’s demographic. And finally, reward these loyal customers with innovative promotions and specials that get them involved. Rather than forcing them to visit your brick and mortar store or buy something to enroll in a contest, make it easy for them to participate on these platforms instead.

In 2013, social media is the key to engagement not only with potential customers, but in cultivating those loyal brand followers who are essential to any company’s bottom line. Connect with them successfully, and reap the benefits for years to come.


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