Google Posts New Guidelines: Don’t Panic

Posted on July 30, 2013 in SEO, SEO marketing by cmblogger

Many businesses using press releases as part of their online marketing plan were sent into a semi-frenzy this month as Google revamped their policies regarding link schemes. In their posted warning, the link schemes Google reminds webmasters to avoid include placing large scale guest posts in blogs (i.e where content is only keyword rich but otherwise meaningless), as well as utilizing advertorials or linking with optimized anchor text in press releases passed for distribution to other sites.

The good news? None of this is should come as a surprise. If you’re already following the guidelines for a solid SEO program that Distinguished Google Engineer Matt Cutts and his team have outlined, you have nothing to worry about. Your content should already be meaningful, rather than just strings of keywords. If you’ve built in quality, you’re fine.

The policy against advertorials, too, is nothing new. Fake “editorial-ish” content that looks real but is really just a paid advertisement is not going to cut it when you’re looking to have your webpages pass PageRank. They don’t count as editorial votes, so they won’t help your SEO.

As far as using links with optimized anchor text, remember, Google will count this as an unnatural link, and in violation of these stated guidelines. It’s all about editorially placed links in 2013. This is in keeping with Google’s larger message behind their new updates. As long as you’re playing by the rules, your press releases will continue to be effective.


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