Don’t Forget Product Landing Pages!

Posted on September 17, 2012 in SEM by cmblogger

Don’t get caught neglecting your bread and butter!

Product landing pages are important for any website, and we’re not just talking product descriptions. Too many businesses just focus on their homepage marketing message and branding, leaving everything else to luck and someone’s college age son who might have a yen for website design and a flair for fonts. Don’t get caught neglecting your bread and butter! Optimizing these pages for consumers, as well as the search engines, is key to building traffic and increasing online conversions for your business.

First, is your product page optimized for SEO? Do you have essential keywords utilized, along with meaningful content that will attract the search engines and your customers? It’s not enough to have a picture, a price, a SKU and how many colors it comes in. Same goes for the endless paragraphs of boring text that demand a viewer’s time as well as his wallet. Don’t count on either in that case… Time to call Captain Marketing to juice up your copy, in order to create something visually compelling that lets your customers know exactly what this product is, what distinguishes it from others in the marketplace, and why they need to get it right now. And with the appropriate back end tweaks and keyword density in place, you’ll get a boost to your SERP rankings as well.


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