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Using Social Media for Good SEO

Posted on October 15, 2013 in SEO, SEO marketing, Social SEO by cmblogger


We all know that integrating your SEO and social campaigns can significantly improve organic rankings, but many businesses struggle with the mechanics of exactly how these social media platforms can be harnessed for best results. When it comes to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, keep in mind the three important factors that will determine how you fare on the SERPS. According to most experts, it’s all about fresh content, popularity (how often your content is shared, for example), and your perceived trustworthiness.

This starts with your “authority” on the web. In Google terms, this refers to the relative importance of your website compared to others in your field. Google calculates authority in several ways, but social media is a critical part of this equation. First and foremost, the Google bot will assess your engagement levels. Who is liking your posts? How many shares or re-tweets do you get? Search engines prefer websites that have lots of consumer interactions to show for themselves. Social media is the way to demonstrate to Google that you have the clout with consumers that merits a first page ranking.

It can sound daunting, but the good news? A strong social media presence not only helps with your organic search rankings, but will build your brand along the way. Rather than simply marketing for a search engine robot as was necessary in years past, today’s effective SEO strategies work best when they reach real people: your customers.