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Facebook vs Google+: Do You Need Both?

Posted on September 30, 2013 in SEO, SMO by cmblogger

Social Media Tips

It’s hopefully obvious by this point that social media is a fundamental for anyone interested in getting the word out about their products and services, no matter what your industry. Not only does your involvement help with ranking on the search engines, it’s the way to connect with your customers, both new and existing ones, in 2013.

While most of us are familiar with Facebook, Google+ remains a cipher for many. Nevertheless, for maximum success with your digital marketing program, that needs to change. Whether you’re a brick and mortar catering to local customers or strictly e-commerce, you must have a  presence on Google+ as well as a Facebook page.

According to the research, Facebook is about family, both our biological relatives and the  members we choose to include later. With 665 million active daily users (a 26% increase from 2012), 57% of Facebook is female. The emphasis, even for commerce, is on personal connections and referrals from friends to particular brands.

In contrast, most of Google+ is male (71%, actually, by the most recent stats). Google+ is best for delivering information, both about your brand and your products, and as a platform for conversation and discovery. In other words, while people come on Facebook to relate, Google+ users come on to explore.

Clearly, both are important for a variety of reasons. Don’t miss out on the other because you’ve already gone with the one. In this “age of relationship,” you can’t afford to miss out on either opportunity.


Grow Brand Loyalty Through a Strong Social Media Presence

Posted on August 12, 2013 in SMO by cmblogger

Spending money on acquiring new customers is obviously an important goal of any marketing plan. But don’t forget about the other important keystone of a successful marketing strategy: keeping, nurturing and supporting your existing ones. As a recent study [] of over 14 million store visits across multiple verticals revealed, regular customers comprise more than 20% of a company’s business, on average, and 80% of total company revenue.

That’s a huge return from only one fifth of your consumers. Create a presence on social media platforms that allows these loyal customers to find and follow you easily.  Display social media buttons on your website, and use your brand name along with your website’s URL on all the descriptions for your social media accounts. Connect with as many of these customers as you can with high quality, interesting content that gets people talking and sharing your story with their friends and colleagues.

Use engaging photographs, video, and copy that doesn’t just tell your story, but tells the stories that are right for your particular consumer’s demographic. And finally, reward these loyal customers with innovative promotions and specials that get them involved. Rather than forcing them to visit your brick and mortar store or buy something to enroll in a contest, make it easy for them to participate on these platforms instead.

In 2013, social media is the key to engagement not only with potential customers, but in cultivating those loyal brand followers who are essential to any company’s bottom line. Connect with them successfully, and reap the benefits for years to come.


Reputation Management and Your Brand: Why It Matters

Posted on July 15, 2013 in SEO, SMO by cmblogger

As parents we remind our teenagers that pictures and status updates last forever in cyberspace. But have you given much thought to the way your brand is coming across online?

Like a 16 year old making occasional poor judgement calls, bad reviews and other negative content is inevitable, part of a company’s maturation process on the web. Being prepared for these eventualities with strong reputation management is an essential part of any branding strategy.

It may seem obvious, but regularly monitoring your social media and the web for mentions of your company, its leaders and its products and service are key elements of a successful reputation management program that many overlook. A minor customer complaint on your Facebook page can gain far more power than it initially deserved if it goes unaddressed.

More than ever, your consumers have plenty of opportunities to discuss your products and services online. While it’s unlikely, one hopes, that your quality assurance VP has been tagged on Facebook recently chugging a beer from a coworker’s shoe, these comments, reviews and posts also remain forever on the web, defining your company in ways you may never have intended.

Even if nothing can be done for the consumer (or if what they’re complaining about is factually incorrect), simply addressing their concerns in a pleasant, professional way speaks volumes about your company. Indeed, good reputation management  may serve as an even more meaningful advertisement for your business than a positive review. Stay vigilant, and you’ll protect the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.


Learning from A Pinterest Winner: Social Media Counts

Posted on May 20, 2013 in SMO by cmblogger

When it comes to branding, social media is now the great word of mouth companies need to promote themselves in the marketplace successfully. More than just forums for direct interactions with your customers, these platforms provide an opportunity to express what’s behind your products and services-the core values that drive your business.

In 2013, great branding is achieved through a social media campaign that connects the right message with the right consumers. A recent study by analysts at Unmetric revealed the most popular corporate Pinterest boards were ones that took advantage of Pinterest’s mostly female demographic. Two boards created by Better Homes and Gardens, for example, had the most repins by consumers, as well as the second and third most “likes” of any company on the social media site.

The Better Homes and Gardens boards in question feature “guest pinners” regularly, and accrue many comments from consumers themselves. They provide multiple opportunities for users to share interests and opinions about the things they care about in these subject areas.

Along with support, the pins from Better Home and Gardens provide inspiration for one’s entire home environment and lifestyle, not just the products and services that happen to be featured that week. That kind of identification, that connection between the products you’re trying to promote with a larger value message, is precisely the definition of good branding.

The good news? Any company, big or small, can take advantage of this kind of opportunity with a great social media campaign. By now, your competitors are definitely on board. Are you?

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Stay On Top of New Social Media Developments

Posted on May 13, 2013 in SEM, SMO by cmblogger

The Internet is constantly changing, and without an agile online marketing strategy, your business will get left behind.

Take Pinterest, for example. Recent studies have demonstrated that consumer participation is at all time high on the world’s third most popular social network. In fact, “pinning” in some brand categories is led by consumers themselves, rather than companies within that area.

This is a golden opportunity for businesses to engage with these consumers, showing off  products, services, and a point of view that connect with a huge audience of potential customers.

Captain Marketing can help you choose not only the best times to post (schedules that are quantifiable for many industries) but also to select the right images that will proliferate across the web.

Pinterest is clearly here to stay. Take advantage of this popular platform and stay ahead of your competitors. Savvy online marketing is the key to your success in 2013.

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Onsite Optimization for Local Traffic and Search Results: Mission Critical

Posted on May 6, 2013 in SEM, SEO, SMO, Website Design and Maintenance by cmblogger

Get found with Google+ Local

Stay current with your competitors. Optimizing your website, with special attention given to attracting local search traffic, has never been more important.

In fact, a recent SEO industry survey reveals that the most popular SEO services today are onsite and Google+ optimization, with localization running a close second. Consumers are looking on the web for the goods and services you provide, especially in their local area. It’s up to you to make sure they find your business instead of someone else’s.

For any company that depends on local customers, you must ensure your website appears in the search results for your city and surrounding areas. Optimizing your website for local traffic means you’re making it easy for the consumer to find your name, address, phone number and more by connecting your business with your region.

To stay competitive, your website has to appear in both general search results and for relevant local areas. Get optimized, or fall behind: it’s that simple in today’s marketplace.

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Get Social SEO…With Social Media Badges Added to Your Site, FREE

Posted on April 15, 2013 in SEO, SMO by cmblogger

Get the power of Social SEO today, with our latest Deal of the Week! With more than a billion users between them, Facebook. Google Plus and Twitter are now essential for any company doing business on the Internet today.

Having social media buttons on your homepage accomplishes two very important tasks. First, you’re making it easy for the consumer to find your social media pages, so they can begin to connect with you in a meaningful way on their favorite platforms. Second, you’re letting Google itself see that you have social media, something this powerful search engine will read as the vital “fresh content” critical for your organic rankings and successful SEO optimization.

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SEO and Social Deal of the Week!

Posted on April 9, 2013 in Blogging, SEO, SMO by cmblogger

Deal of the Week!


Do you want to try traditional SEO, but keep hearing about social SEO? At Captain Marketing, we want to help you out!

This week only, when you purchase a Silver SEO package or higher, we will create or redesign one of your social media profiles for you*! Work on your rankings from two different directs with both traditional SEO and by getting started with Social SEO. When you purchase Silver SEO or above, we will help you set up one* of your social spaces to consistently reflects your brand image. Take the first step toward promoting your brand socially, for FREE!

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From Berries to Billions

Posted on March 4, 2013 in Blogging, SEO, SMO by cmblogger

From Berries to Billions

A colleague and I strolled a farmers market one recent, idyllic weekend morning, noticing the fresh fruits and vegetables offered at every brimming table. One such display had strawberries, bright red and packaged in simple cardboard boxes. They were available for sampling-so we both took tastes. Sweet and delicious, we considered purchasing, but ambled on. Later, we came to another table, with similarly packaged boxes of strawberries, also offered for sample as well as sale. Dutifully, we both took the strawberry the vendor handed each of us. Almost immediately, my friend said, “I’ll take three boxes, please,” and handed over a crisp ten dollar bill in exchange. We walked back towards the car. Suddenly curious, I asked him, “What made you buy those strawberries over the ones at the other table? They tasted the same to me.” Offering me another strawberry (which indeed tasted the same as the ones at the first table), he thought about it for a moment. “Because at the second table, they had the prices clearly displayed. They didn’t have the prices out at the first one, and I didn’t want to ask the guy and be forced into an immediate decision on whether to buy.” Those simple prices-displayed on index cards in magic marker-made their sale. Same products, and probably the same prices as the strawberries at the other table-but the information provided made the difference. How often do our websites, in terms of information we readily offer, have the same impact on our customers? Is your customer service phone number tucked away in the corner of your website, and basically inaccessible by mobile? Have you neglected to include basic information about your products and services on the homepage of your website, forcing your customers to click a link instead? What does your contact us form look like-is it a long, involved document that essentially asks for a lot of personal information while promising very little in return? Correcting these simple elements of any website or indeed, improving your customer experience in general can make the difference, no matter what your product or service. Neglect them at your peril. In contrast, if you take the time to really review what your CRM and your website say about you in every detail, you’ll end up selling a lot of strawberries…and have thousands, if not millions of happy customers.


The More Things Change…

Posted on February 25, 2013 in Blogging, PPC, SEM, SMO, Website Design and Maintenance by cmblogger

The More Things Change…

Captain Marketing has grown enormously in recent years, with a variety of new products we’re really excited about. Nevertheless, our mission remains the same: to serve the small to midsize business with extraordinary online marketing services to get them more customers, and make them more sales with unique, cutting edge techniques that have up until now only been available to Fortune 500 companies. In creating these new offerings, we’re always thinking about how we can maximize traffic and conversions for our clients, without costing them a fortune in the process. Delivering access to the highest quality marketing talent and the most sophisticated techniques to our customers is our privilege and our passion…and we look forward to helping you make the most of this exciting, lucrative new playing field we call the web. Give us a call…and let’s get started!