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Your Homepage: A Cornerstone of SEO & SMO Strategies

Posted on April 22, 2015 in SEO by cmblogger

Captain Marketing - Web Design

Smart Internet Marketing 101: A Solid Homepage

The success of your social media campaign and the strength of your online presence is dependent on a number of interrelated factors. One of the most important elements is having a solid homepage. Your homepage is the first thing your customers see when they visit your site, and therefore a crucial element in selling them on your goods and services. Today we will review some of the pitfalls of a poorly designed, formatted, and organized homepage. Your homepage is the building block for your entire website, so it is important you establish a solid bedrock, a foundation upon which you can build.

Trust The Experts in Website Development

Here at Captain, we are well-versed in all things on the internet. From social media posts, to climbing the search engine ladder, we know SEO and SMO. You can trust us, therefore, when it comes to making your website the best it can be. Think of your homepage like you would a storefront: your name is prominently displayed, your products/services are featured in the window, and the hours and contact information for your business are highly visible on the door. Your homepage should mirror this setup: with a careful blend of images and text that do justice to your business. An ugly website with out-of-date images, incorrect information, or clunky navigation will ultimately turn away good customers from buying. Don’t allow your website to discourage business in this way – make sure that your format is clean, easy to read, and informative.

Content vs. Images

Depending on the nature of your business, the type of industry you are in – your website could be better suited to have more content, or be more dependent on images. For example, an online retailer would be better suited to have minimal content on their homepage. Instead, focus on delivering some rich images that show off your products. Conversely, a website such as a service like a home tutor, or a voice coach would generally benefit from having more copy on their homepage: go into some detail about what you provide, to whom, and why you are worth the price you post.


The layout of your homepage can prove to be just as crucial as what you put on it. This includes everything from having social media badges easily located, to having your contact information easy to read and noticeable. Consider where you want visitors to your site to look first, and where you want to draw their attention right away. Get an outsider’s opinion, ask others if they can understand what it is you do right away, as soon as the site loads. Ensure that your essential functions as a business are clearly stated, and establish subpages that go into greater detail about your goods and services.

Website Development in Calabasas, CA

At the end of the day, all the work you put into your social media platforms, all the money you put into advertising your website and your brand, is all for naught if you have a clunky, unappealing website. With the help of Captain Marketing, you can make sure that your website is optimized, with solid, keyword-rich content, attractive images, and a user-friendly layout that encourages repeat visitors. Visit us online today to learn how you can get started on the track to a better website!


How to Produce Varied, Engaging Content

Posted on March 13, 2015 in SEO by cmblogger

Enaging content

You Can’t Be an SEO Expert Overnight

The world wide web. For some of us, it is our playground – we operate well, we are popular, and we are comfortable there. For others, the internet is a fear-inducing place, full of hard-to-understand concepts and elements that are just downright confusing. No matter what your background though, the world today is operating through social media.

Viral videos make the rounds in hours, rather than days, and social media is at the heart of it all. Many of the large corporations and companies devote entire teams to manage their social media accounts. Writers and social media experts pore over the internet to find marketable studies, articles, blogs, and posts that mesh with their company’s image. If you are a small to medium-sized business, especially if you are a local business, the way that you harness social media could prove monumental in terms of building awareness of your brand. The keys to utilizing social media to the best of your ability are: to speak to your audience, to express passion in the posts you make, and ultimately to establish a connection with your customer base that you can foster and grow for years to come.

First Steps First

When considering the service(s) and/or product (s) that you sell, think about those things that are related. For instance, an interior decorator might discuss the latest developments in green housing, or a tree trimming business might discuss some general tips for tree management. You want to find that segment of the world that relates to your business, that your customers would find interesting. Develop a blog that discusses news in your industry, and sprinkle in posts that highlight new products you are debuting.

The Tools of Social Media

Retail websites, restaurants, online stores, and travel websites can all benefit from image-based social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. It is here that you can share your latest offerings, be it food, clothing, accessories, or new attractions to generate more interest ahead of the true release. The opportunity for social interaction is ripe for the taking. Numerous companies have improved their image simply by responding to a twitter follower or a Facebook user – be it in a clever, useful, funny, or memorable way.

Build a Lasting Relationship

This brings us to our next point: build a lasting relationship with your audience. This happens when you post regularly, develop a running narrative, and maintain a certain tone. Appeal to your audience in your social media posts: links to articles with further reading about a topic related to your company, blog posts that specifically address the needs of your customer base, and pictures of your latest store offerings.

Local Marketing Company

Do you want to increase your presence online? Are you looking to develop your social media platform on multiple platforms? Local company owners are especially known for their hard-working attitude. This, coupled with a dearth of time, can leave you unable to properly promote your brand and interact on social media as you would like to. That is where we come in. With Captain Marketing, we take the reins, and with your guidance, help make your social media pages and website the best they can be. Visit us online today for a free evaluation!


Building Brand Awareness

Posted on February 24, 2015 in SEO by cmblogger

Building Awarness.

Keep Up With New Methods

The world of advertising and marketing today is not what it once was. Technology has changed business, changed people, and simply changed how things are done in countless ways. In order to boost your brand awareness, there are a number of things you should be doing, whether your company is a large empire or a startup. Gone are the days when magazine ads, billboards, and community newspaper ads were enough to draw interest in your company. The process for getting your business noticed, by both search engines and potential customers, includes some concrete steps. The effort is three-pronged, and one that we’ve honed over the years: website development, social media, and smart advertising.

Putting the Pieces Together

Starting from the ground up – it’s how any successful company has made any money. You take a great product or service, develop it, replicate it, and sell it as best you can. But these days, if you aren’t doing everything in your power to make that happen, you could be missing out on valuable business. This success begins with your ability to put together a website that is coherent, informative, and ultimately one that customers want to visit. Is your contact information prominently displayed? Do your graphics and images complement the well-written copy you have laid out? Is your online store easy to navigate? All of these are pieces of the pie – elements that when done correctly can spell the difference between a sale and someone clicking away from your website. At Captain Marketing, our crack website development team knows what they are doing. They have the tools and the know-how to take your website and make it better – optimize it really – to the benefit of your customers; and ultimately, your wallet. We make sure your social media badges are visible, your products noticeably displayed, and your traffic on the uptick.

Engage Customers Through Social Media

That brings us to our next point: social media. By now you’ve heard the term bandied about on your local news or by your annoying little nephew who tweets every day. This is truly the way of the future, and if you are not utilizing social media like your top competitors, you’ll quickly find yourself in the dust. Social media optimization, at its most basic level, concerns building your brand awareness as best as possible. Your posts should engage your audience, attract new customers, and keep them interested in what you have to say. Sure, it is important to discuss your products, your services, and the events you have going on. But almost just as crucial is your element of relatability. A good example is a cooking equipment website that features recipes that correspond to the season and the holidays throughout the year. These sorts of posts allow for discussion, interaction, and ultimately get people to notice you. Our seasoned writers are prepared to make this happen for you.

Focused Advertising

Last, but certainly not least, is advertising. This is the 21st century version of newspaper ads – targeted, concise, well-written ads that spark something in potential customers and entice them to click. A clever picture can be just as effective as well-worded copy, if not more so. At Captain Marketing, we scour your site, and highlight the products that will appeal to your target demographic, to draw interest and increase traffic to your website.

SEO Company Los Angeles

If any of this intrigues you, and makes you want to harness all of the tools of our current day and age, look no further than the company that 2,000+ businesses have already entrusted: Captain Marketing.


Online Marketing and Real World Results

Posted on November 3, 2014 in Blogging, Captain Marketing, SEO by cmblogger

Quantifying the success of any digital marketing campaign can be difficult at times, particularly when trying to connect your efforts on the Internet to brick and mortar sales numbers. When you consider 94% of retail business is still conducted offline, however, that data is not only useful but essential in determining what your online advertising budget should be.

Twitter has just made things easier, in its recent announcement concerning the results of a study that measured the real impact of both promoted and organic Tweets. Researchers analyzed 35 popular brands across multiple industries. Consider the impact of organic Tweets. As Ameet Ranadive, a Twitter product manager explains, “Brands’ organic Tweets drive sales. Users exposed to a brand’s organic Tweets bought more from that brand than those who were not exposed, producing a 8 percent average sales lift. This lift was nearly 3x greater among users who saw 5 or more organic Tweets over the measurement period.”

Even if you’re not paying to promote Tweets, the fact that you’re putting your brand out in front of Twitter users is making a difference, especially you’re doing so frequently. As perhaps to be expected, promoted Tweets make an impact too. According to the study, Promoted Tweets translate into a 12% average sales boost for the product in question among users who engage with your Tweet. Even for those users who don’t engage but just see it, 2% more are likely to purchase as a result anyway.

The conclusion? Tweets make a significant difference in how people shop. A social media presence in the virtual world still counts for any brand interested in conversions for the real world too.


Posted on October 22, 2014 in SEO by cmblogger

Believe us, it’s easy to get carried away with SEO strategy. Determining the right keywords, configuring your social media accounts and enhancing website functionality are all critical steps in getting you to Page One of any search engine. And hey, we’ve all heard about the need for Content, right? Surely throwing up hundreds of words on the homepage about your products or services is the way to go, right?

A hint: “throwing up” is a key part of that sentence.

Don’t forget about quality. While the search engines themselves are inanimate, your customers (hopefully) are not. The the value of interesting, well written content for your website can’t be overestimated. Do you have a log line? Have you effectively communicated a unique selling proposition to your customers on page one, up at the top to go with some attractive visuals?

Natural use of relevant keywords is always more effective an SEO strategy than just a mathematical insertion of terms. And yet, so many small businesses get lost in playing the “how many keywords can I stuff in one paragraph.” Don’t make that mistake. Write-or have us write- you some accessible copy that captures who you are, what you do, and why the customer needs to buy from you right now. It may seem elementary. But regardless of any advances in online marketing technologies, the basics will always stay the same.


Google Partner Captain Marketing hosts Event in Venice

Posted on September 23, 2014 in Captain Marketing, PPC, SEO by cmblogger

Google and Captain Marketing Event

In an invitation to any business interested in improving overall sales and boosting the impact of their digital “footprint,” Google Partner, and online marketing company Captain Marketing is hosting a VIP luncheon on September 24th at Google headquarters in Venice, California. While the event is free, a reservation is required, along with an RSVP.

This informational marketing presentation is another in a series of recent outreach efforts by Captain Marketing, but represents the first time it will be co-hosting an event held by the Internet search giant. “We’re very excited about our close relationship with Google and their agency-partner team,” says Captain Marketing Director of Operations, Wendy Allen. “It’s a nice way of demonstrating our real commitment to our customers. There’s a lot of confusion out there about how to get on page one of the search engine.”


Creating a Website? Check for Errors

Posted on March 14, 2014 in SEO by cmblogger

Nothing churns the soul of a copywriter up more than to notice the spelling errors on a new
client’s existing website. The careless “its” instead of “it’s” or a casually misspelled
adjective is not only noticeable but detracts from any design, no matter how beautiful.

If you’re redesigning your website, make sure you have well considered copy to go with
it. While proofing can be tedious, it’s an essential part of any web development project.

Tips from the pros on how to check? Review your work…later. Giving yourself a few hours or
days between creation and execution is always a great idea. Don’t be afraid to use spell check
or other proofing software to ensure everything is correct. Finally, have a third person
( a family member or colleague) review everything before it goes live. There may be a design
element that made sense in talks with the web designer that is confusing to the untrained
eye. Fix it now, before your consumers let you know.

Great web design is a mix of the complex and the simple. While it’s easy to focus on the hard
stuff, in the end, it’s the small details that sometimes can matter most.


Database of Affinity”: Sounds like Game of Thrones, But It’s Really About Retargeting

Posted on March 11, 2014 in SEO by cmblogger

Forrester Research recently released a proprietary report for its clients on the newest concept
in paid online ads, the mystical sounding concept of a “Database of Affinity.” If you’re thinking
this sounds like some kind of topic better suited to cable television dramas than a discussion of
marketing techniques, you’re not alone….but you should know what it means.

According to Forrester’s Nate Elliot, the Database is best described as a “catalogue of people’s
tastes and preferences collected by observing their social behaviors on sites like Facebook
and Twitter.” Why is it important? Elliot explains: “Because if Facebook or Twitter or some
other company can effectively harness the data from all the likes and shares and votes and
reviews they record, they could bring untold rigor, discipline, and success to brand advertising.”

Basically, it’s retargeting, times a million. It extends the idea of targeting your paid ad
demographic to the umpteenth degree, where you can match a teen chatting about horseback
riding on Facebook with an ad for riding boots, for example, while at the same time showing an
ad for men’s dress shoes to a man tweeting about his new job at an investment firm. It points
to the increasing reliance-and emphasis-on shared social data for customers to inform your
online marketing decisions.

And yet, is it that important? Context is everything. Some users find specifically targeted ads
on social media intrusive or invasive. And text based ads still work, as evidenced by Google’s
$29 billion dollar search advertising dominance. While social media targeting may be the wave
of the future, there’s still value in the old PPC standbys. In other words, whether or not you
enjoy watching Game of Thrones, there’s always the option of a good book.


Digital Marketing Forecast for 2104: What You Should Know

Posted on January 7, 2014 in SEO by cmblogger

While 2013 was a wild ride for digital marketing pundits and small businesses, 2014 has no

obvious changes ahead…yet. But there are already some real trends that show no signs of

abating in the coming months.


First, mobile friendly content and layouts for your website will continue to be extremely

important. As smartphone and tablet users become more and more comfortable making

purchases with their online devices, capturing these kinds of conversions will be mission critical

for 2014.


Along with a responsive web design, marketers should be aware that social signals will

continue to interact with SEO. This makes participation on these social networking platforms

critical in the new year, not only for developing important relationships with customers, but

also in order to achieve strong organic rankings.


For paid ad campaigns, ad retargeting is also becoming increasingly relevant to any strong

marketing campaign. These ads pull basic information distilled from user cookies to show

relevant display advertisements after the visitor has left a website. In other words, if you look

at bedroom slippers online with a shoe retailer using personalized retargeting, later you’ll see

the same slippers in the targeted PPC ads you’re seeing while browsing elsewhere on the web.

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest these are not only effective at generating conversions,

but also in promoting the brand awareness that’s so essential in winning over today’s



Some of these strategies are relatively new concepts, but none should come as a total

surprise for any savvy online seller. Count on your competitors using them. You should

be too.


High Bounce Rates: The Bad Breath of the Internet

Posted on December 30, 2013 in SEO by cmblogger


When it comes to users visiting your page, you obviously want as many as possible. But if

none of those visitors are staying more than a few seconds, you have cause for concern. Like

halitosis, you may not have even been aware you had a problem. After all, everything may look

right. But a look deeper into your metrics may reveal underlying issues that could be corrected

as easily as buying a new mouthwash.


First, look at your traffic. Who are these visitors? Are they coming for something other that

what you’re providing? Check your PPC ad copy, your SEO keywords and your social media to

make sure you’re communicating your basic ad proposition accurately and effectively.


If you are garnering the right kind of attention, it’s time to consider your user experience once

they arrive. Do you have excessive popups? Complicated navigation? Now’s the time to change

those. How long does it take your website to load? Is it mobile friendly? Is your content long

and rambling, with few visual breaks and a hard-to-read font?


All of these issues matter. The good news? These details can be changed relatively easily.

Remember to “brush and floss” by testing your options and trying new things. Don’t be afraid

to optimize for success in 2014.