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Online Marketing and Real World Results

Posted on November 3, 2014 in Blogging, Captain Marketing, SEO by cmblogger

Quantifying the success of any digital marketing campaign can be difficult at times, particularly when trying to connect your efforts on the Internet to brick and mortar sales numbers. When you consider 94% of retail business is still conducted offline, however, that data is not only useful but essential in determining what your online advertising budget should be.

Twitter has just made things easier, in its recent announcement concerning the results of a study that measured the real impact of both promoted and organic Tweets. Researchers analyzed 35 popular brands across multiple industries. Consider the impact of organic Tweets. As Ameet Ranadive, a Twitter product manager explains, “Brands’ organic Tweets drive sales. Users exposed to a brand’s organic Tweets bought more from that brand than those who were not exposed, producing a 8 percent average sales lift. This lift was nearly 3x greater among users who saw 5 or more organic Tweets over the measurement period.”

Even if you’re not paying to promote Tweets, the fact that you’re putting your brand out in front of Twitter users is making a difference, especially you’re doing so frequently. As perhaps to be expected, promoted Tweets make an impact too. According to the study, Promoted Tweets translate into a 12% average sales boost for the product in question among users who engage with your Tweet. Even for those users who don’t engage but just see it, 2% more are likely to purchase as a result anyway.

The conclusion? Tweets make a significant difference in how people shop. A social media presence in the virtual world still counts for any brand interested in conversions for the real world too.


Google Partner Captain Marketing hosts Event in Venice

Posted on September 23, 2014 in Captain Marketing, PPC, SEO by cmblogger

Google and Captain Marketing Event

In an invitation to any business interested in improving overall sales and boosting the impact of their digital “footprint,” Google Partner, and online marketing company Captain Marketing is hosting a VIP luncheon on September 24th at Google headquarters in Venice, California. While the event is free, a reservation is required, along with an RSVP.

This informational marketing presentation is another in a series of recent outreach efforts by Captain Marketing, but represents the first time it will be co-hosting an event held by the Internet search giant. “We’re very excited about our close relationship with Google and their agency-partner team,” says Captain Marketing Director of Operations, Wendy Allen. “It’s a nice way of demonstrating our real commitment to our customers. There’s a lot of confusion out there about how to get on page one of the search engine.”


Improve Your SEO with a Google+ Page

Posted on September 24, 2013 in Captain Marketing, SEO by cmblogger

Many of us are still resisting using Google+ socially. Most people barely have time for Facebook, let alone another social media platform. And when it comes to business, who cares, anyway? Aren’t Facebook and Twitter enough?

Quite frankly, no. Think of it as a “quid pro quo” situation. Google wants people to use its proprietary social media platform, so the popular search engine will reward those websites who do with better rankings, even if none of your customers or associates use it. It’s that simple. As e-learning consultant Steve Rayson puts it,  “Google Plus content stays around, gains page rank, gives page rank, and appears in search results over a long period. It appears Google Plus posts can retain ranking indefinitely with some posts over a year old still top of search result pages.”

Google+ posts also send valuable social signals to the indexing bots, another key element of today’s search engine optimization process. As you post images, blog links and text to your Google+ page, you’re letting the search engines know your relevance to the goods and services you sell. Testimonials and reviews posted on this social media platform will also help you gain traction.

Google+ is free, fast and easy, and it will help a lot. In the sometimes complicated world of digital marketing, there aren’t many strategies you can unequivocally describe in the same terms. Move ahead of your competitors and take advantage of Google+ benefits today. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find time to create your own personal Google+ page as well.



Optimize for the Mobile Local Shift

Posted on May 14, 2013 in Captain Marketing, Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization, SEO by cmblogger

Google Local - Captain Marektin

More users than ever before are making the shift from their desktops to accessing the web with a mobile device. You must take action to capture these mobile searches and potential local customers.

First, make sure your website is optimized for local and mobile SEO. Consider a store locator, as well as individual store pages that feature the correct address, phone number, and hours for each of your locations. Second, create appealing, informative Google + and Bing local listing pages for your company. Your customers may use local search techniques other than Google to find your business, so be ready for them.

Finally, integrate your business into social media, not just to make the most of branding and engagement opportunities, but for SEO purposes as well.  Consumer driven sites are now featuring local search functions with their mobile apps, including those for Facebook (with Graph Search), Foursquare and Yelp.

Encourage your customers to write reviews, check in and interact with you on these vital social networks, so others can not only find your business, but see the positive interactions that build trust and encourage buying decisions.

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Turn Search Traffic Into Customers with Local Search

Posted on May 7, 2013 in Captain Marketing, Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO marketing by cmblogger

G+ Local Results - Captain Marketing

Make sure your business appears at the top of the search results page in both mobile and desktop formats as a local listing. Put your business front and center for your customers. Not only will you gain consumer trust by coming up for local results, but you’ll also make it quick and easy for potential clients to find your contact information.

Trust is essential in any purchase decision-and studies show that your company’s inclusion in local search conveys reliability. Consider the national 2012 Local Search Usage study, which found that 58% of respondents felt that local search results were more trustworthy than the alternatives, which included natural search and paid results.

Like the telephone directory of years past, local search listings are also the new resource everyone refers to when they need information, fast. Appearing in local search results guarantees people will find your website, brick and mortar location, maps, hours of operation, phone number and more.

This isn’t about casual “surfing the web,” but consumers in a hurry, searching for a reliable source for the goods and services you offer. Capture these customers immediately with local search results for your business.

Call Captain Marketing and learn more about how to go local: (888) 297-9977

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Get Social SEO Superpowers With FREE Social Media Badges on Your Website

Posted on April 16, 2013 in Captain Marketing, Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO marketing, Social SEO by cmblogger

We’re offering free social media badges on your website for all customers new and continuing. By making it easy for your customers to connect with your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts from your homepage, you’ll let Google be able to count these social media pages as the important “fresh content” necessary for SEO optimization of your website.

Remember, social signals count when it comes to Google’s new algorithm. Become a marketing superhero with social SEO and great organic rankings  by letting customers connect through FREE social media badges. Tights and cape not included in this offer.

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Social Media Even Helps Cute Puppies

Posted on January 11, 2013 in Captain Marketing, SMO, Social Media by cmblogger

Christmas Eve brought a sad call to Michigan’s Benzie County Animal Control when a Good Samaritan reported finding a stray puppy in the snow with not one, but two broken legs. With a choke chain around his neck but no identifying tags, the dog was immediately treated for pain and held at the shelter until a solution could be found. Luckily, animal control worker Ed Carter and his wife took pity on the suffering animal, who would need extensive-and expensive-surgery to fix his badly injured legs. He brought the dog to Bay Area Pet Hospital, where they not only took X-rays free of charge, but posted on their Facebook page about the case. The story quickly went viral on the social media platform, and response was immediate and definitive. Donations to the small, regional animal hospital poured in from places as far away as Washington DC and Alabama to cover the cost of the stray’s surgery and rehabilitation, and the beagle mix is expected to make a full recovery.


LinkedIn Reports Current User Rates

Posted on January 10, 2013 in Captain Marketing, SMO, Social Media by cmblogger

LinkedIn Reports Current User Rates

A LinkedIn’s senior vice president  announced in a recent blog post that the popular social media platform now enjoys a membership of  200 million people worldwide, with new users joining the site at a rate of two per second. In addition, he reported that the three most followed members of the site include Richard Branson, Barack Obama and Deepak Chopra. Founded in 2003 as a networking site for professionals, the site is available in 19 languages, and utilized by people in 200 countries across the globe, with half its members located in the United States alone. LinkedIn is a publically traded company, with revenues in excess of $252 million as of tax filings issued at the end of 2012.


Twitter The Next Big Thing on Nasdaq?

Posted on January 9, 2013 in Captain Marketing, SMO, Social Media by cmblogger

Twitter The Next Big Thing on Nasdaq?

In news not so surprising, perhaps…Twitter has been recently valued at potentially $11 billion dollars by analysts who also predict a public offering in 18-24 months. Financial researchers at Greencrest Capital released the report  that triggered speculation that plans to take the company public may be announced shortly. With hiring at Twitter focusing on new management and the company’s recent efforts to monetize their services through products like promoted tweets, et al, some pundits and various financial sources feel the move is not only inevitable, but imminent.


Officer Sulu Named Most Influential Facebooker for 2012

Posted on January 3, 2013 in Captain Marketing, SMO, Social Media by cmblogger

Top 10 most influential people on Facebook for 2012, the online tech news site, has announced the top 10 most influential people on Facebook for 2012, and their choices may surprise you. First on the list is George Takei, the retired actor who once played Officer Sulu on the television show “Star Trek”. Now a popular social pundit with daily Facebook status updates and commentary, he enjoys millions of subscribers who regularly repost his witticisms to a larger audience. President Obama was named the second most influential Facebooker of the year, with 34 million likes to his official Facebook page alone. Indeed, his candidacy was marked by a sophisticated use of social media and pay per click ads that far outpaced the tech savvy of his competitors. Among the others listed for the year as the most powerful members of the social media platform: Governor Mike Huckabee, blogger Richard Metzger, and you, the average Facebook user, who helped to make Facebook 1 billion strong in 2012 and a social force to be reckoned with for years to come.