Why Captain Marketing Works-And Why Most Marketing Departments Don’t.

Posted on December 5, 2012 in Blogging, PPC, SEO, SMO, Website Design and Maintenance by cmblogger

Why Captain Marketing Works-And Why Most Marketing Departments Don’t.


Marketing Week recently reported a figure bound to startle any marketing company worth its salt: 70% of CEOs have lost faith in their own marketing departments. Why? According to Marketing Week, it’s a result of most marketers’ inability to prove ROI on their campaigns. Lost in a virtual world of creative branding, there’s little connection between companies’ marketing departments and any actual conversion rate. Luckily, there’s Captain Marketing to the rescue! Why? Consider the following.

We cost less than most marketing services. With highest quality marketing products delivered in monthly package rates starting at just under $100, Captain Marketing is dedicated to providing the “big city marketing departments”  to companies for which these sophisticated services would otherwise remain just out of reach. Accountability and performance are our specialties, designed for businesses that depend on both.

We provide total transparency and complete, monthly reports so you can monitor your spending- and your progress. Our PPC, SEO, and SMO departments will help you decode the often complicated data coming in for your paid ads, rankings on the organic search results, and impact of social media platform marketing. Our website design and copywriting departments are also aimed at getting you the most return on your dollar, with inexpensive, “a la carte” products that allow you to build the very best website piece by piece, as you need it-without the large initial investment commonly required for a total website redesign.

We’re responsive. With onshore customer support and a dedicated project manager assigned to your account, you can get your questions answered-and help in making the kinds of marketing adjustments necessary to get the very best results. Marketing is not an exact science, but rather, the results of an ever-changing collaboration between you and your customer. We’ll help you identify what your clients are looking for when they come to your website-and what you can do to communicate your readiness to provide it.


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