Today’s SEO: The New Frontier

Posted on October 21, 2013 in SEO by cmblogger


We’ve talked about the importance of good keywords for strong organic rankings and brand messaging, and yet, they’re not the end of the story when it comes to today’s SEO. With Google’s increasing sophistication, in fact, search queries will no longer be limited to the often awkward, always highly structured keyword phrases of the past. With the emergence of author rank and topical authority as important factors for the SERPs, any digital marketing campaign should focus on developing quality content, along with the right keywords, as the best way to achieve success.

Make your brand and your website the best place for information on a particular product, subject or service area. In doing so, think about what your target audience might be interested in-and go after those topics. Do you provide document shredding services? Consider a blog that addresses privacy concerns for 2014 as well as best practices to maintain a data-secure workplace. Sell bifocals? Focus your website content, social media campaigns and search campaigns on eye health, eyesight information and related safety issues.

Remember though, the answers aren’t in bombarding the customer (or Google) with endless pages of long winded, useless information that is difficult to even navigate. Make your website attractive, visually appealing and a fun place to be-and you’ll reap the benefits not just with the search engines but your customers as well. Going into 2014, “holistic” is a new catchphrase for SEO. Create something of value for your customers, and good rankings are sure to follow.


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