The Best PPC Ads Address a Need-and Answer with Benefits

Posted on January 16, 2013 in PPC, SEM by cmblogger

Sometimes it’s difficult to get excited about the brief bit of text that accompanies a PPC advertisement-after all, how much can you really say in such a quick burst? And yet, well worded PPC copy gets results. Don’t forget that behind the numbers, your customers are people, after all,  in search of fulfilling the same basic needs the world over. Consider the results of a fascinating study of email marketing techniques a few years ago that revealed the short phrase that was most likely to get an anonymous email opened by the receiver. Ready? The phrase “you are not alone.” was the most successful in reaching people-even those selected at random.  It sounds corny, but it’s true-advertising that appeals to the common values, hopes and dreams we all share makes an impact on consumer, while copy that comes across as “just more words” does not. Before you decide on a particular PPC campaign, or frankly, any content marketing, think about the basic needs your product or service hopes to address. For example, if you sell batteries-you might consider addressing your consumers need for security, safety, and reliability in your marketing campaigns. Designing a better software system for a particular industry might help people understand and master the data in front of them more effectively. If you can tie your product or service with an emotional response-a meeting of a real and important human need-you have an extremely successful PPC advertising campaign.


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