Building Trust with an “About Us”

Posted on October 25, 2013 in Web Design by cmblogger


When you’re redesigning your website, don’t neglect a critical part of the entire site experience: the “about us” page. It’s a great opportunity to let customers know not only who you are and what your company is about, but to build the essential human element into any online interaction. Whether you sell airplane parts or children’s toys, make no mistake. Consumers make buying decisions based on emotions first, not facts. Credibility and trust, therefore, are everything.

In creating an “about us” page, don’t skimp on quality content. Avoid the cliches of your industry, and tell a compelling story instead. Why did your company come about? Who are the people who make up your team? Paint a picture with vivid writing rather than just using canned verbiage. This is an opportunity for creating memorable details about your products, your employees and your company. It’s a way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Photographs are helpful too, in that they show the faces behind the names. Everyone likes to look at people, not just things in photographs. No matter what you sell, personalizing your product by letting consumers see “behind the curtain” of your operation establishes you as a brand of real people. You’re no longer just another sales pitch. It’s sincere, and it’s effective. In a world where straight talk and plain dealing sometimes go by the wayside, don’t forget that these nevertheless remain universals of any successful business.

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