Google Display Advertising: Understand All Your Options

Posted on May 16, 2013 in Coupons, PPC by cmblogger

With 700 million monthly users, Google’s network for display advertising reaches more than 80% of the online audience. This enormous scope allows Google to offer multiple types of ads, from text only to video, but most inexperienced marketers gravitate towards the default display option, incorporating keywords from an organic search campaign and hoping for the best. Most of your competitors will be adopting this approach, going on to achieve only fair to middling results.

Start with the right display keywords. Remember, Google ignores match types for paid advertising. They also use negative keywords to facilitate correct ad placement. According to most analysts, the best course is to choose only a few broader terms for search (2-3 words each rather than longer combinations) and only a few negative keywords (rather than thousands) for your campaign.

Keyword segmentation also makes a difference. Choose what each ad and landing page will be for every ad group. Keywords must match both the ad and and the landing page. Include effective placement targeting, and flexible reach, and you have a campaign that can really make a difference.

Think outside the box. Take advantage of the different formats available. Understand where each dollar you spend is going.  Use just the right image (or video), target exactly the audience you need-and watch your sales grow, both for online and your brick and mortar location. With a great display campaign, you’ll soon wave goodbye to your competitors, and hello to success.

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SEO Is Working Fine, Why Do I Still Need PPC?

Posted on October 25, 2012 in PPC, SEM by cmblogger

paid search advertising is important

Once they start ranking on page one for organic search, some small to midsize businesses will begin to question whether it’s really necessary to continue with a pay per click campaign. “But we’re doing so well on the search engines!” a marketing manager will explain. “Is there any reason we need to continue with PPC?” First, congratulations. Getting to the top of the search engine results pages is no small feat, and you deserve accolades, both for great links and obviously meaningful keyword related content on your website. Clearly, you’re doing something right. However, don’t break your winning streak with a hasty exit from Adwords. Paid search advertising can be equally, if not more important than the organic search results. Consider the following:

  * Do you rank #1 for all your keywords on the organic search? If not, you need to consider maintaining-or establishing-your PPC campaign too. ROI driven PPC data will allow you test your keywords for maximum value per visit, information that will help you select terms for SEO optimization as well as your Adwords campaign. Furthermore, you’ll also accrue other invaluable traffic and search information that can inform all your other marketing programs as well, on and off the Internet.

*Consider rapid gains to traffic numbers that you get with PPC, compared to the incremental organic movement that comes with SEO. Search engine optimization takes time. PPC can be done overnight to get fast, targeted traffic onto your website. What company doesn’t need new site visitors or quick results?

  *Grow your brand, online. With an effective Pay Per Click campaign, you can connect your ads to the most relevant terms and pages for your website. In turn, you build consumer trust, and an identity for your company that connects you to exactly the trends, products, and searches you want to be associated with on the internet.

The key to success in PPC, as with SEO and perhaps anything else in life, is good management. With canny strategies in place, Adwords can provide not only an effective complement to great SEO, but also generate its own positive and significant momentum in boosting traffic and conversion.


Bigger Paid Search Ads Ahead

Posted on October 9, 2012 in PPC by cmblogger

   According to marketing experts who recently attended a “Learn with Google” event held at on the Google campus to discuss new developments in the PPC category, we can soon expect to see bigger site links-double the original size-that look more like organic results  for the position one and two paid advertisers for any particular keyword. The effect on the organic search listings from this increase in PPC space allotment for any page will be interesting to watch.

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