Good News From Bing

Posted on November 18, 2013 in SEO by cmblogger


When Microsoft’s plans for reorganization were introduced earlier in the year, some were

concerned about where Bing would fit into this new era. Those fears have been put to rest,

with Bing Search now integrated into almost all Microsoft devices.

This new visibility means your Bing Ad is now exposed to billions of users. While Google’s

status as the number one search engine is still secure, Bing has now taken steps to make

its PPC campaigns easier to synch up with any AdWords campaign already in place. With

more than 20% growth in each consecutive quarter for 2013, the platform is defining itself as

a credible second place option with distinct advantages for its users.

According to executives at a recent Bing Ads Next event, the next to-dos for the search

engine include improvements to tracking implementation and reporting as well as to multi

account management, all areas that have clearly fallen behind Google’s similar offerings.

Nevertheless, it’s clear Microsoft is now putting the full force of its brand and partnerships

to Bing Ads, with Excel now integrated into its Ad reporting, Skype behind its Ad call

extensions and Facebook connected with Bing Ads Express.

If you’re planning on doing pay per click for 2014, you should consider including Bing as a part

of any campaign strategy. It may be a search engine whose time has come!


Search as an Effective Brand Builder

Posted on October 21, 2013 in Blogging by cmblogger


For any nascent small business or company interested in launching a new product, the task of branding yourself at the same time as trying to get a foothold on the search engines might feel overwhelming, if not impossible. Yet good SEO and paid search strategies are also ones that will help define what makes your goods and services unique for potential consumers.

Strong keywords, a cornerstone of any organic search campaign, will be critical not only for the Googlebots but also in helping you establish what and who you are in all your messaging. As always, choose phrases that have lots of traffic and relatively little competition. Whether you’re creating a press release, copy for your landing pages or starting up a blog, make sure you’re using plenty of these terms in all your content. Your use of these essential keywords will both help you rank with the search engines and give your customers a basic understanding of what distinguishes you from others in your industry. For paid search, make sure you have ample keyword coverage that reiterates this central brand message in your AdWords campaigns. Make sure these keywords sync up to the terms you’re using in PR releases and onsite content in order to convey a consistent message to your target audience.

The end result? Along with great search rankings and more conversions, you’ll help customers understand what’s special about your products… and your company. While at times a challenge, great branding goes hand in hand with successful paid search and SEO.


Localized Ad Copy Drives Engagement

Posted on May 9, 2013 in Coupons, PPC by cmblogger

Local Marketing with The Captain

When creating ad copy for your PPC campaign, remember to provide a local context for your products and services. Identifying your brand with your geographic area is an easy way to boost sales and increase consumer engagement.

Consumers relate better to a business that has an affiliation with their own community or region. Promote interest in your brand with a call to action that encourages customers to come into your brick and mortar location, or talk about local promotions to build interest and foster trust.

According to a recent study, users engage a whopping 100-120% more with an ad that features local content when compared with engagement rates for a similar ad without localized copy.

That statistic repeats itself with localized coupons as well. According to the same survey, store location was a huge factor in attracting interest from consumers (36%), followed by reviews (35%) and information on the deal itself (29%).

Location-based ads are now high priority for any pay per click campaign. Make sure you take advantage of this growing trend with compelling ads that feature a local context.

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Pay Per Click: Part of Any Successful Inbound Marketing Program

Posted on May 2, 2013 in Coupons, PPC by cmblogger

When it comes to getting leads for your website, organic search isn’t enough. Pay per click advertising is critical in providing you with access to the targeted consumers you’ll need for success.

Combined with frequent additions of meaningful content to your website, a strong social media presence, and good SEO, a competent PPC program can increase your incremental traffic by 89%, according to a recent Google study.

Don’t fall behind your competitors when it comes to savvy Internet marketing. Capture the consumers who are ready to buy or engage with your products and services with  well written ad copy, the right keywords and appropriate ad placement.

Reaching the consumers who matter with PPC means more traffic, more leads and more business, fast.

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Facebook Ads Now Include Broad Interest Categories

Posted on April 19, 2013 in Coupons, PPC by cmblogger

You can now target Facebook ads at broad categories of people rather than just relying on demographic data.

The new partner categories allow you to target specific interests, meaning you have better access to exactly the right type customers for your business. The broader consumer categories are based on a person’s browsing and purchasing histories. This data predicts who will be interested in ads that focus on your chosen category.

Let Captain Marketing help you with your Social Media Marketing and Facebook ads for maximum return on your investment with our affordable, effective Social PPC programs.

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Captain Marketing PPC Gets Results, Fast

Posted on November 30, 2012 in PPC by cmblogger

PPC marketing strategies grow more sophisticated daily, but poor management can end up can leave you with lots of investment…and little return. Get past the hassles and have Captain Marketing handle your Adwords Program. With campaigns starting at just under $500 a month, you’ll know exactly where every penny is going-with no hidden costs or end of the month charges. With a dedicated onshore project manager to help you get the right keywords, the most efficient schedules for your ads, and professionally written copy to get you noticed by the right consumers, you not only get an effective campaign, but total data and monthly reports to track your progress, along with easy telephone and email support for your concerns and questions. Get PPC that makes sense-call us today.


SEM: A Definition

Posted on September 25, 2012 in SEM by cmblogger

It’s a brave new world for businesses today on the Internet, so don’t be embarrassed if you need a little review from time to time of the appropriate terminology and lingo. One of the most common sources of confusion is the difference between SEM and SEO. Search engine optimization refers to making your website itself appealing to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, while search engine marketing refers to, among other things,  the exchange of links, adding a comment with a mention of your website to an existing blog, or promoting an article to a web directory or compilation. It’s the sum total of all the things we can do to market your website to the search engines, including SEO.


Keywords Matter for Any PPC Campaign

Posted on September 25, 2012 in PPC, SEM by cmblogger

Captain Marketing will spend a lot of time with you in finalizing your keywords for any Pay Per Click campaign, and here’s why: your keyword choices will be the cornerstone of any successful program. Knowing how your target consumers search for your products and services, understanding when and where they look, and understanding the “negative list” that accompanies your other terms is critically important. Luckily, with a dedicated project manager working for you every step of the way, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to assess your progress. With Captain Marketing, we guarantee success.


We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore

Posted on September 24, 2012 in PPC, SEM, Uncategorized by cmblogger

PPC is essential to any long range online business marketing plan, but many businesses either use it and ignore it, or don’t utilize it at all. Let Captain Marketing do the heavy lifting…and provide you not only with a huge increase to your ROI, but monthly data reports that let you know exactly how you’re doing. For example, have you given much thought to the time and location of your ads? “Do-it-yourselfers” frequently get panicky, and leave targeted ads up for as long as they can afford to, in as many regions as possible. And yet, why have an ad for say, “Hawaii bodyboarding” up at 4AM on a Monday morning, when the number of possible customers for a 10 day bodyboarding school are either asleep, at work or talking drunken nonsense to their shaved ice? Same with location. If you have the best orthodontic services available in the New Jersey area, don’t have your pay per click ads display in a region where people can’t access them. Alaskans who visit your website probably won’t be getting braces in Newark anytime soon, nor would you want an out of towner showing up for just a quick check of their headgear (do they even have orthodontic headgear anymore?). The point is, PPC requires careful attention to detail. Lack of supervision means your PPC slides into costly errors and  expensive oversights. At Captain Marketing, we can not only get you the highest performing keywords, but lower your cost per click to avoid wasting money, and precious time.

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