Localized Ad Copy Drives Engagement

Posted on May 9, 2013 in Coupons, PPC by cmblogger

Local Marketing with The Captain

When creating ad copy for your PPC campaign, remember to provide a local context for your products and services. Identifying your brand with your geographic area is an easy way to boost sales and increase consumer engagement.

Consumers relate better to a business that has an affiliation with their own community or region. Promote interest in your brand with a call to action that encourages customers to come into your brick and mortar location, or talk about local promotions to build interest and foster trust.

According to a recent study, users engage a whopping 100-120% more with an ad that features local content when compared with engagement rates for a similar ad without localized copy.

That statistic repeats itself with localized coupons as well. According to the same survey, store location was a huge factor in attracting interest from consumers (36%), followed by reviews (35%) and information on the deal itself (29%).

Location-based ads are now high priority for any pay per click campaign. Make sure you take advantage of this growing trend with compelling ads that feature a local context.

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Pay Per Click: Part of Any Successful Inbound Marketing Program

Posted on May 2, 2013 in Coupons, PPC by cmblogger

When it comes to getting leads for your website, organic search isn’t enough. Pay per click advertising is critical in providing you with access to the targeted consumers you’ll need for success.

Combined with frequent additions of meaningful content to your website, a strong social media presence, and good SEO, a competent PPC program can increase your incremental traffic by 89%, according to a recent Google study.

Don’t fall behind your competitors when it comes to savvy Internet marketing. Capture the consumers who are ready to buy or engage with your products and services with  well written ad copy, the right keywords and appropriate ad placement.

Reaching the consumers who matter with PPC means more traffic, more leads and more business, fast.

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Facebook Ads Now Include Broad Interest Categories

Posted on April 19, 2013 in Coupons, PPC by cmblogger

You can now target Facebook ads at broad categories of people rather than just relying on demographic data.

The new partner categories allow you to target specific interests, meaning you have better access to exactly the right type customers for your business. The broader consumer categories are based on a person’s browsing and purchasing histories. This data predicts who will be interested in ads that focus on your chosen category.

Let Captain Marketing help you with your Social Media Marketing and Facebook ads for maximum return on your investment with our affordable, effective Social PPC programs.

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Paid Ads Pay Off

Posted on December 31, 2012 in PPC by cmblogger

benefits of paid advertising

Google researchers have recently released a report on the benefits of paid advertising on the search engines and their value when compared to organic search.  The results indicate that no matter what a company’s ranking on the results pages, a paid advertisement increases clicks. In fact, the white paper revealed that “even when advertisers show up in the number one organic search result position, 50% of clicks they get on ads are not replaced by clicks on organic search results when the ads don’t appear.” Despite the popularity of the search engines, and the site traffic generated by SEO, businesses must continue with paid ads to stay viable within the competitive online marketplace.


Never Go Over Budget Again

Posted on December 27, 2012 in PPC, SEM by cmblogger

Never Go Over Budget Again

One of the biggest PPC concerns we hear about from our customers is the fear of going over budget. Who wants an unexpected charge or “special fee” incurred to your account at the end of the month, just for the privilege of doing Adwords? We sure don’t…which is why we guarantee you’ll only get charged once per month for any PPC plan you choose. We plan our campaigns carefully to avoid hidden costs later…or running over budget when you least expect it. Each of our plans also includes supplier costs to Google, Yahoo  or Bing, so you make a single payment every month, and that’s it. And with expert research and strategy, you’ll often find the most successful keywords aren’t the most expensive. Get the Captain Marketing difference. Contact us today to jumpstart traffic and conversions for your small to midsize business.

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