Going Mobile:The Stats Are In

Posted on October 11, 2013 in Web Design by cmblogger


For any digital marketing campaign this fall, a mobile friendly site is no longer a nice option, but an essential must have. Did you know your consumers are using more than 232 unique screen resolutions today among their tablets, smartphones and desktop browsers? With well over 21% of web traffic to e-retailers coming from tablets and smartphones, smart companies have websites that are optimized for just about anything.

Still on the fence? Consider the other statistics. More than 67% of shoppers say they prefer to make purchases from websites that are mobile friendly, understandable when you consider that more than 91% of Americans have a device next to them twenty four hours a day that allows them to access the Internet. With more than $108 per average online retail transaction using their smartphone or tablet, your mobile consumer is ready to spend with your company-if they can access your site.

The risks of a mobile friendly redesign? Ensure your website does not extend the time necessary to download all your image elements onto a particular device. Streamlining is the key, so make your content equally accessible across a variety of browsers. While the user experience can be different from device to device, it should be efficient across the board.

With the reduced maintenance problems and increased visibility within the marketplace, a device friendly website makes sense, regardless of your industry. No matter what you sell, the move to mobile will increase your conversions and boost your online brand for 2014.

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