NRA Fights Back With Increased Adwords Spending

Posted on February 14, 2013 in PPC by cmblogger

The National Rifle Association is focusing on a new Adwords campaign to increase their membership and reinforce support for 2nd Amendment rights. Political discussions aside, from strictly a marketing standpoint, their strategy points to the key role PPC plays in effective national advertising and swaying public opinion. As we discussed in an earlier blog post, the Obama campaign also outspent the Romney camp significantly in PPC-and the results were obvious on election day. Looking specifically at the recent NRA campaign, it’s instructive to consider how they’re spending for pointers on how to run a smart Adwords program of your own. According to analysts at, they’re expanding the number of keywords they’re using, from less than 22 in May 2011 to almost 60 today. Their domain budget has more than doubled as well, and their text ads demonstrate effective use of sitelinks, with multiple calls to action, and proactive reputation management, all in a few short phrases.

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