Google the Flu…It’s coming Our Way!

Posted on January 15, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO by cmblogger

Getting Search Engine Results, The Captain Marketing Way

Any effective SEO strategy is only as healthy as the business behind it, and if you’re down with the flu, you won’t be doing anyone at your company any good. Google released a chart this week praised by the Center for Disease Control as a real “early warning system” of what could be the worst flu outbreak in recent decades. The nonprofit research wing of the search engine and digital marketing company compiled data based on the number of searches done nationwide on “flu” and similar long tail keywords. Eerily enough, the number of flu related searches has correlated accurately in past years to the real numbers of flu cases for the year throughout the United States. For the first time since they began compiling the statistics in 2006, Google is now breaking down the search term numbers by city, so you can see exactly how your area is faring in terms of the dread virus. Remember, it’s not too late for a flu shot-and doctors recommend one this year for anyone who might be at high risk for developing further complications from this unpleasant illness.

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