Localized Ad Copy Drives Engagement

Posted on May 9, 2013 in Coupons, PPC by cmblogger

Local Marketing with The Captain

When creating ad copy for your PPC campaign, remember to provide a local context for your products and services. Identifying your brand with your geographic area is an easy way to boost sales and increase consumer engagement.

Consumers relate better to a business that has an affiliation with their own community or region. Promote interest in your brand with a call to action that encourages customers to come into your brick and mortar location, or talk about local promotions to build interest and foster trust.

According to a recent study, users engage a whopping 100-120% more with an ad that features local content when compared with engagement rates for a similar ad without localized copy.

That statistic repeats itself with localized coupons as well. According to the same survey, store location was a huge factor in attracting interest from consumers (36%), followed by reviews (35%) and information on the deal itself (29%).

Location-based ads are now high priority for any pay per click campaign. Make sure you take advantage of this growing trend with compelling ads that feature a local context.

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Diversify Your PPC Campaigns or Risk Losing Customers

Posted on April 26, 2013 in Mobile Advertising, PPC, SEM, Social PPC by cmblogger

The days of doing just one thing to get leads won’t work anymore in today’s competitive marketplace – you must diversify your social media marketing program to get results. Make sure you’re segmenting your PPC program to reach customers on all the platforms they use.

Search engine PPC ads capture people as they are searching the exact keywords associated with your products. It is about getting in front of people who already know what they are looking to buy.

Facebook ads capture the attention of people who might like your product but aren’t searching for it yet. With Facebook, ads are served in a social space to the people you want to target. New ad categories mean you can now target people based on what their interests are, along with age, gender, and education level. Don’t miss the opportunity to find new customers!

Mobile advertising reaches consumers when they are on their phones and tablets. It can target customers right as they are near your store, or right as they are casually browsing for products. More brands are jumping onto the mobile platform to make sure that they are always top of mind. Don’t let your competitors steal your customers because they are on the new platform when you aren’t.

Smart PPC choices can bring up your overall metrics and conserve your budget resources through careful market targeting. Remember, effective PPC in 2013 is all about diversification.

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The Journey of A PPC Campaign Begins with A Single Keyword

Posted on December 28, 2012 in PPC by cmblogger

The Journey of A PPC Campaign Begins with A Single Keyword

There are a few basic tenets to successful PPC marketing,  simple concepts upon which the most complicated strategies are built. Understand them, and you’re well on your way to appreciating the depth and complexity of an effective Adwords strategy. First, keyword analysis is the cornerstone of any worthwhile PPC campaign. You’ll need to put in significant time identifying and researching effective terms that sum up what you do-and for which consumers you do it for. Understanding not only how to best utilize keyword research tools, but also how to mine your own content for keywords that work is critical. Secondly, you need to identify your target audiences. Do you need to grab an end user of your product or service, or just a distributor? Who’s looking for you on the internet, and why? How do your consumers find you already, before your PPC program starts?  Knowing these answers will help you not only select the best terms, but write the most compelling ad copy, and schedule your ads in such a way that they reach just the consumers you want, when you want them.


Keywords Matter

Posted on December 19, 2012 in PPC by cmblogger

Keywords Matter

It’s no secret: successful PPC depends on superior keywords. With high quality, targeted traffic dependent on the kinds of terms that describe just  what your business is about while still being popular, things can get a little expensive if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. It’s easy to get in over your head, with high cost keywords that ring up the charges without bringing in the right consumers to your website. Do your research. Not only are keyword tools effective, but the actual content on your website can also yield lots of clues as to appropriate category segmentation, indirect keyword testing, and navigation information. Your dedicated Captain Marketing project manager can also help you decide works….based on years of marketing experience and direct supervision of current dynamic and successful PPC campaigns.

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