Building a Brand with Consistent Messaging: Do Try This At Home

Posted on July 19, 2013 in Uncategorized by cmblogger

It used to be that building a brand required a serious financial outlay for television, print and radio ads. The world has changed-and today, you can build a brand with a viral campaign for relatively little.

With the popularity of social media, the power of Google organic search and the steady influx of new, inexpensive channels by which to communicate your message to consumers, good branding is not only possible for small business, but imperative as a way to stand apart from your competitors. The key? Consistency.

Once you’ve defined who you are and what what you look like, keep that brand design and messaging the same across multiple channels for maximum impact. Think about high fashion: there’s a reason you don’t see Ralph Lauren selling cooking utensils. There is, however, a reason for him to sell high end dishware and tablecloths. Gracious entertaining is part of the Ralph Lauren brand. Quick meals on the fly for cheap, not so much.

You may sell plumbing equipment rather than designer dresses, but nevertheless, the rules still apply. Keep everyone in your sales funnel connected with one customer experience, one set of ideas, one kind of commentary, and one design scheme.

Good branding is about a strong identity that your customers can recognize a mile away or from the other side of the Internet as yours alone. While Facebook may afford you the chance to post a cat video once in awhile for the amusement of your customers, everything you post should fit overall with your basic values as a company. It’s okay to be silly in the right context-but always be your brand.


Websites 2.0

Posted on November 13, 2012 in Web Design by cmblogger

  No one would deny the importance of a having a website for your business in 2012. It’s a fact of life now, a necessity of modern capitalism along with having an email address and phone number. But as the world becomes more internet savvy, the necessity of having a great website is now apparent as well, making the “mom and pop”, homemade photograph-and-a-log-line sites a poor choice both for satisfactory rankings on the search engines as well as customer experience. Professional websites with plenty of Google-friendly content featuring your keywords, that are easy to navigate and convey your marketing message effectively are now an essential part of any operation where you intend to make money and gain consumer trust at the same time.

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