Content Experiments: Clarity for Your Web Design

Posted on July 5, 2013 in Web Design by cmblogger

Trying to decide between a big headline and only a few bullet points on your homepage, or a lengthy paragraph explaining the ins and outs of your services? Don’t listen to the experts-prove them right or wrong with Google’s Content Experiments feature.

Using Content Experiments, you can actually test which design will work best with your customers. Using a random sample of your site visitors (whether you include everyone or just a certain percentage of them is up to you), you can select an objective to test for and receive regular updates by email on the results.

Imagine you sell grilling accessories and barbecues online. Since the barbecues are your most profitable product, your objective for your homepage design is to sell even more of them, while still letting customers know you have other products in your inventory as well.

For your Content Experiment, you will set up three versions of your website homepage. One page will feature a splashy headline and just a giant picture of the barbecues, one page will feature several paragraphs going into great detail about your barbecues, and one will have a great photo and three bullet points describing what makes them special.

Random visitors will be sent to any one of these three pages-and you can measure which page sells the most barbecues with its design. It’s another way Google allows you to gather definitive data on your marketing campaigns to see what really works. Ask your project manager or web designer to help you get started.


Great Coming Soon Pages Get Attention, Don’t Miss an Opportunity!

Posted on April 26, 2013 in Coupon, Web Design by cmblogger

Don’t just leave a default message and a logo if your website isn’t ready for action. Generate buzz for your business with an effective “coming soon” page.

A great “coming soon” incorporates several key elements into its web development. With an appealing color, graphics and layout, you can attract all the right attention for your brand that really gets them interested. With compelling copy, you can create excitement about what’s coming and use the page for collecting email subscribers and potential leads. Don’t forget to include links to your social media sites as well. While your site is being built, you can engage with customers on social media.

Remember to include both your launch date and a brief purpose of your website too, so customers are clear on what your company delivers. A “coming soon” page is an opportunity to educate your consumers about your products and services in a quick and compelling way.

The decisions surrounding how you will build your website take time. Let Captain Marketing help you utilize the right “coming soon” page for your website to get business immediately!

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Localize Your Business With a Captain Marketing Lead Generation Site for Your Small to Midsize Business

Posted on December 24, 2012 in Web Design by cmblogger

In today’s economy, a hundred dollars doesn’t buy a lot of things anymore, unless you’re at Captain Marketing. Here it gets you your own HTML website rental, with up to 10 pages you can use to localize your SEO and create targeted leads from a variety of markets you choose ahead of time. With an integrated, effective marketing message written by a professional copywriter, 2 revisions included, free managed hosting, and up to 10 pages featuring SEO-friendly copy targeted exactly to the locations you determine are most helpful, our leased websites can generate you the local search traffic and sales leads you need and aren’t getting from your current website. And the cost? At just $99 a month, with a one time $99 set-up fee, you’ll find convenience and conversions quickly define this as one heck of a smart investment. It’s just one of the ways Captain Marketing addresses the needs of today’s small to midsize business. Whether you need a simple homepage redesign, a localized website lease, or total website overhaul, we’ve got the affordable solutions you can count on.

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