Button Text and Conversions: A Table for Two

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In many ways, a website is like a blind date. You’re greeting many customers for the first time, and in doing so, need to make a great impression. Nevertheless, you’d be surprised how many websites are the equivalent of a nightmare first meeting, complete with an unattractive, less than hygienic appearance and rude table manners. Many sites also fail to communicate to consumers just what they’re looking for in a relationship as well-leaving visitors confused about what to do next or why they should bother.

Along with a clean design and well chosen images, a website and its home page need to have a strong call to action. Many businesses interpret this as simply a phrase that says, “buy now!” or “sign up!” included in the copy. Some take it one step further with a call to action button at the top of the page, something that lets the customer click immediately to a “contact us” or “order now” form. As you might imagine, this is a good thing.

However, many call to action buttons, despite their format, are still too weak. Like a limp handshake or limited eye contact upon meeting someone for the first time, they’re not conveying the energy necessary to inspire a consumer to take action. As an example, consider two call to action buttons from a PR company that were recently A/B tested for conversion rates associated with their use. One read, “Click here to read more.” The other was “Make me famous!”

Would you believe there was more than an 8% difference in number of conversions for a single month using the second call to action button? Good copy makes a difference. And like a great first date, they could lead to a lifetime of fantastic results!


What’s Your Call to Action?

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If your website is like many on the Internet, it probably looks pretty good. Some cool graphics, appealing fonts, and hopefully some compelling descriptions not only of what you do-but why the consumer should utilize your products and services over those of your competitors. But have you added a call to action to your site? Something that lets the customer know they need to take advantage of everything you’re offering, right now? If not, well, you’re not alone. Most websites, particularly those of small businesses with limited design budgets, don’t have one either. And yet, if you look at the seasoned professionals on the web, you’ll see they do…for good reason. A call to action gets the ball rolling and the customer motivated. When you consider a recent Twitter study that found approximately 40% of Twitterers retweeted something that simply said “retweet this” with no explanation attached, you should know that telling people what to do works. Phrases like, “Call Now to FInd Out More” or “Look and Feel Better Today. Email now!”…or even “Contact Us To Explore Your Options” can make a real difference in lead generations..,and conversions. Providing a phone number isn’t necessary-an email address works too. “But I have a contact us page! Why do I need a call to action as well?” some may ask. A great question-and here’s the answer.  When you consider the average site visitor is spending 4-7 seconds on your page before deciding what to do, you begin to realize…you don’t have time to send them to some other page before telling them to get in touch. Make it easy on your consumers. Tell them what to do NOW-before they click on something else.

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