How Mobile is Your Website?

Posted on April 19, 2013 in Coupon, Web Design by cmblogger

When six of the seven billion people on earth now in possession of a mobile phone, responsive web development is more important than ever.

First, have you checked your website to see how it looks from a mobile phone or tablet?

Can you easily read the critical information a customer will need on your site from a smartphone or other device?

How difficult is it to order products, get price information, or fill out a contact form from the smaller screen of an Ipad or mobile phone?

According to the New York Times, consumers spent $25 billion dollars in 2012 on their phone or tablet, an increase of over 81% from the previous year. Mobile websites are critical, and luckily, Captain Marketing can help.

We offer a range of affordable web development services to make your site responsive and ready for mobile site traffic.

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Affordable Choices: It’s What Captain Marketing Is All About

Posted on November 14, 2012 in Web Design by cmblogger

Affordable Choices: It’s What Captain Marketing Is All About

  What makes a great website? There are many replies to that question, but the most important answer is…you can get the elements you need to drive conversions and rankings without spending huge amounts of money. In fact, just an effective homepage redesign can significantly  boost revenue, allowing a small to midsize business more time to “save up” for a totally new website.  With Captain Marketing’s assortment of web design and copywriting products, a small business can pick and choose among many reasonably priced packages that remain budget friendly while getting them the upgrades they need to take sales to the next level.

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