SEO: A Brief Recap

Posted on November 12, 2013 in Uncategorized by cmblogger


When people talk about the importance of SEO, its biggest advantage often goes without

saying: trust. According to a recent international marketing study, 91% of consumers prefer

the results of a natural search [i.e. organic] to paid ads or other forms of digital advertising.

Obviously, to continue with an effective SEO strategy makes sense. But things have changed

significantly for the search engine’s algorithm over recent years, and with this shift come new

ways of doing things in order to rank.


For example, consider keywords. It used to be that any copy that featured as many keywords

as your writer could cram into a sentence usually passed as adequate. But don’t fool yourself.

This is no longer the case. Today, focus on content that instead addresses the needs of the

customer in a meaningful way. That’s what will score with the search engines, rather than

artificial prose aimed only at the search bots. Every landing page must have useful information

that not only sounds good but resonates with your customers as well. The more your readers

share, comment and repost, the better for your website and your brand in this brave new

world of SEO.


Will things change again? Inevitably so. But some things remain the same. In 2014, whatever

your industry, your consumers will trust the SERPs over anything else to find your products and



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