PPC Weirdness…It Happens

Posted on February 15, 2013 in PPC by cmblogger

There’s a lot of data associated with a PPC campaign, and occasionally, the indicators can appear, anyway, to reveal conflicting things about the success of your Adwords program. Let’s take a look at a few examples of this confusing occurrence…and what they could mean.

Situation 1: Impressions Go Up, Clicks Go Down.
This can leave many a seasoned PPC pro scratching their head, but it can happen for a variety of good reasons. First, are you using new keywords in your campaign? They may be too general, making for more impressions, but keeping clicks either at the same level or lower. Secondly, do you have new match types? You may have new keywords with loose match types, or new match types of your older optimized search terms. Check to see if either kind have been newly inserted. Third-is there a secondary distribution channel that’s just been launched (e..g a new search partner or display network)? Finally, it could be ad rank fluctuation. Check by running a comparison ranking report as well as a top/side comparison to see if this has occurred.

Situation 2: Click-Through Rate Goes Up, Conversions Go Down.
Check out your ad copy vs. your landing pages. Are they saying different things? Are the consumers clicking on your website expecting one thing, but finding another on your website? Have you recently adjusted your call to action, moved around your phone number or contact information, or changed up your marketing message? You may want to rethink what’s happening on your website, or your ad copy. Other reasons for the high click-through/low conversions could relate to a tracking error on a landing page, or new search queries. Try running a search query report to verify.


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