Keywords: Enjoy In Moderation

Posted on November 26, 2013 in Uncategorized by cmblogger


Up until the not so distant past, any real search engine strategy was all about keywords. As

in, what are yours and how often are they appearing on your landing pages? Sprinkled like so

much pumpkin spice in everyone’s holiday snacks and beverages, a hefty dose was seen as

the quick fix by which we’d all rank well in the SERPs.


Those days are gone. Like the ubiquitous pumpkin spice, too much of a good thing only goes

so far, and in fact, is kind of gross when overused. While keywords will always be important,

the larger issue is content authority and relevance. Do you have meaningful copy that

addresses the needs and interests of your site visitors?


To rank well, your website should be written for the people searching for the topics in which

you specialize. Rather than just creating stilted prose designed for Google Search bots, make

your landing pages the best information out there to answer a particular query. At the risk of

sounding too hipsterish, be a thought leader in your field, not just a follower.


For today’s search, quality matters over quantity. Create real value for your potential

customers with a website that says something and adds to your field. Blog or post regular

updates that your users can read and share with others. For 2014, that’s good SEO, and the

holiday treat to last throughout the year.


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