How the Top 100 Companies in the World Use Social Media

Posted on August 5, 2013 in SEO by cmblogger

Marketers from the top 100 digital brands are already taking advantage of the new clickable hashtag feature recently introduced by Facebook on June 12th. That and other surprising information was revealed in a recent report by data analysts at Simply Measured on how these top companies use social media. Their marketing decisions and current branding success on networking platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook can be instructive for the small to midsize business interested in boosting engagement and increasing conversions for their own companies.

According to the report, May and June saw posts with photos by the top 100 brands receiving more than 9,400 engagements (likes, shares or comments), on average, per post. Representing 95% of total consumer engagement for each brand, compelling or entertaining pictures are the bread and butter of social media marketers for these businesses. People respond to visuals accompanying content far more than to content alone.

Videos are also successful for the top 100, with more than 2,500 engagements, on average, per video post. Length of these videos is a huge factor in determining how many consumers will watch, with shorter ones scoring far more hits than ones longer than 1-2 minutes.

Status updates bring up the rear in terms of consumer engagement, with longer posts receiving fewer likes, comments and shares than shorter ones, but extremely short updates (fewer than 50 characters) also earning less attention from consumers. The message? There’s a sweet spot when it comes to status updates. Use 50-99 characters for the most consumer engagements in response to your post.

Clearly, social media is here to stay. Using it effectively remains the challenge for online companies of any size.


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