Good Web Design Enhances Credibility

Posted on October 18, 2013 in Web Design by cmblogger


According to a recent report from Stanford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab, 46.1% of people say that a website’s design is the “number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the company.” The silver lining to this rather serious news? Great web design doesn’t have to be fancy-or expensive.

Its central goal should be to convey your company’s most important qualities, those that separate you from all other competitors and define you as a trustworthy brand that consumers can’t afford to be without. Retain current website traffic and attract new site visitors with easy, intuitive navigation, well organized content, and a consistent, concise message throughout that focuses on the unique benefits provided by your products and services. And the rest? Ensure your site loads quickly, remains compatible with a variety of browsers and has a hosting service that’s entirely reliable-and you’ll be good to go.

Need more statistics to convince you? According to KissMetrics Research, 40% of consumers will simply walk away from a website that requires more than 3 seconds to load properly, and at least 50% of potential sales disappear when a customer can’t figure out how to navigate pages effectively. In contrast, 60% of consumers report feeling positive about a website when they read any custom content found on a website. Quality visuals, appealing colors and well considered layouts also encourage your visitors to stay longer and browse.

With Internet users growing increasingly sophisticated and familiar with the very best cyber design the marketplace has to offer, the takeaway is…you can’t afford not to have a great website as we go into 2014.


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