Effective Content Provides Emotional Benefits

Posted on October 4, 2013 in Uncategorized, Web Design by cmblogger

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In deciding on the content for your new website, it’s easy to focus on what undoubtedly you know the most about: your company’s goods and services. And yet, when it comes to creating hard working content that really gets conversions, the answer lies in addressing what any consumer wants, quite naturally, to talk about instead: themselves.

Effective copy focuses on the benefits of your services, not the services themselves. What problems confront your typical consumer-and how does your product solve them? Only by demonstrating you first understand their personal challenges and have a way for them to overcome them will you generate the kind of solid return on your website design that you deserve.

“Benefits” too can be a murky term. Consider the difference between real benefits and “fake” benefits-and their impact on the consumer. Let’s assume you sell motor oil. Its use results in better engine functioning, and in turn, lower costs for the car owner as a result of needing fewer repairs. In generating the copy for your website, it might seem appropriate to tout “Better Engine Functioning!” as your headline. And yet…consider the emotional impact of selling this motor oil instead as a way to save time and money. In the end, unless you’re a car buff, you’re not going to connect with a phrase like “better engine functioning” on an emotional level. Time and money, on the other hand, are precious commodities we all have feelings about.

Remember, as much as we’d like to assume otherwise, most, if not all of our buying decisions are made from an emotional rather than rational vantage point. Make sure your new website design answers those questions, and ensure your success within the marketplace.


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