Changing The Unique Value Proposition Through Competent Web Design

Posted on December 3, 2014 in Blogging by cmblogger

Realtors in New York City are catching on to the need for more sophisticated, all purpose web design to attract consumers and hold on to current customers, the New York Times reports.

While in the past potential homebuyers or sellers had to contact a real estate agent to get any information on local property listings, now the information is available on the web for anyone. Realtors must reinvent themselves as “neighborhood specialists,” as the Times describes to prevent their industry from going the way of the brick and mortar travel agency, an industry that has all but disappeared from our popular culture in 2014.

Creating a unique value proposition can be created with a thoughtful, responsive website design, however. Sites are now easier to navigate, with less clicking back and forth between search parameters, and present listing results all on one page for easy comparison. In addition, Google map photos of a neighborhood also show up immediately, along with ready information about nearby restaurants, shopping, schools, crime rates and other “points of interest” important to a potential homebuyer.

As the New York Times reports, “instead of us putting forth hundreds of search results,”said Christina Lowris Panos, the chief marketing officer of the Corcoran Group, “we’re the curator of the information. We’re not just giving you volume.’” Links to social media are also displayed prominently, along with relevant news about the community at large.


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