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Twitter Announces Keyword Targeting

Posted on May 30, 2013 in PPC, Social PPC by cmblogger

As one of the “big three” social media platforms, Twitter provides an enormous opportunity for its users to connect with consumers. Now with their widespread roll-out of new paid advertising features, Twitter has become an essential for any business interested in an effective targeted advertising campaign.

Twitter’s new interface will allow businesses to utilize keyword targeting to find exactly the right audience for their message. As the email Twitter sent out to their existing Ad users explains, “…you can reach users at the right time and in the right context based on keywords in their Tweets and the Tweets they’ve recently engaged with. Simply specify the keywords you want to target and then add on targeting for location, device and gender.”

Whether you’re interested in reaching families tweeting about their plans for a trip to Disney World, or dieters who are updating us on their weight loss progress, the possibilities are endless.

With more than 550 million active, registered Twitter users and 58 million tweets per day, this social media platform is a force to be reckoned with on today’s Internet. Take advantage of their new opportunities for effective paid advertising to capture this desirable consumer base.


Expand Your Social PPC

Posted on May 24, 2013 in PPC, Social PPC by cmblogger

Marketing superheroes unite! With the recent changes to Google+, and now Twitter’s paid ads, social PPC presents exciting opportunities for expanding your reach into new areas on these popular social media platforms.

Along with a redesign and introduction of multiple new features, Google announced this week that some Google Offers will now be visible on Google+ user streams. While still in testing, this means that consumers will be able to share and interact with more of their favorite brands in an even more public way on the social media platform. Plans for expansion are expected soon.

Twitter has also made changes. For the past three years, the platform has been testing their own paid advertising program during a lengthy roll out process, using only a few select partners. Participation required a specific invite, and in March, a new self-serve option for buying ads was introduced, but only on a limited basis.

That all changed as of late April. Twitter has now gone the Full Monty with ads opened up for everyone to use. Twitter’s Senior Director of Product for Revenue Kevin Weil described it this way: “…We’re really excited that today every business in the US is going to be able to leverage the power of Twitter advertising, either through Promoted Accounts to build a loyal follower-base, or through Promoted Tweets to reach a broader audience.”

Get ready for increased visibility and more leads generated through paid advertising on these successful social media platforms. With social PPC, it’s never been easier to stay ahead of your competitors and fully engage with consumers everywhere.


Diversify Your PPC Campaigns or Risk Losing Customers

Posted on April 26, 2013 in Mobile Advertising, PPC, SEM, Social PPC by cmblogger

The days of doing just one thing to get leads won’t work anymore in today’s competitive marketplace – you must diversify your social media marketing program to get results. Make sure you’re segmenting your PPC program to reach customers on all the platforms they use.

Search engine PPC ads capture people as they are searching the exact keywords associated with your products. It is about getting in front of people who already know what they are looking to buy.

Facebook ads capture the attention of people who might like your product but aren’t searching for it yet. With Facebook, ads are served in a social space to the people you want to target. New ad categories mean you can now target people based on what their interests are, along with age, gender, and education level. Don’t miss the opportunity to find new customers!

Mobile advertising reaches consumers when they are on their phones and tablets. It can target customers right as they are near your store, or right as they are casually browsing for products. More brands are jumping onto the mobile platform to make sure that they are always top of mind. Don’t let your competitors steal your customers because they are on the new platform when you aren’t.

Smart PPC choices can bring up your overall metrics and conserve your budget resources through careful market targeting. Remember, effective PPC in 2013 is all about diversification.

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