Capture More Prospects with a Better B2B Landing Page

Posted on July 26, 2013 in Uncategorized by cmblogger

Along with hard hitting PPC, social media and SEO campaigns, your digital B2B marketing plan must include landing pages that work intuitively to capture your prospects, from a customer’s initial click to their completion of a “contact us” form. While this last element may seem easy, you’d be amazed how many businesses overlook the benefits a well thought out landing page can provide in nurturing sales leads.

First, make sure your landing page is linked seamlessly to whatever you’re sending out. Whether they started with a drip marketing email, an invitation on a social media site to get more information or a paid search ad, make sure what your customers find on your landing page fits with what they initially clicked on-and that they can get there with a minimum of hassle.

Think of your landing page and the “teaser” that led there as part of the same overall design. The message your customers find on your landing page should expand upon and reinforce the initial selling proposition you alluded to. Use your landing page to close the deal, in other words, that began somewhere else.

Make it easy for your clients by asking only for the bare minimum necessary from them to get to the next level. If they’ve already given you an email on an initial inquiry, don’t ask them to fill it in again on the landing page-prepopulate the form if possible. And like a first date, you might spook new clients with too many questions. Get more information later.

Remember, a landing page brings leads directly to the door, so to speak. Using smart, cohesive visuals and strong copy, you can turn those prospects into sales, today.


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